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Dorva, Female Dark Elf

Stern Kestrelmann

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I look at that sword and can't help but beam with pride at how far along your NMM has come in such a short time. And I'm way impressed with the purple tabbard thingee. It looks velvety. Awesome! The gold edging is very nice as well. Provides a nice contrast as does the warm browns you used against the stark coldness of the armor.


Speaking of contrast: The armor could use some more. You see how you went from dark to light on the sword and the purples? Repeating that theme of dark shading on the armor and shield would really give it more depth and make it pop more than it already does overall. The same can be said for the hair (though I'd avoid using the same shade as the armor. Maybe a hint of purple to kinda tie it in with the tabbard?).


The fleshtones are pretty sweet. Nice and dark-elfy. Bringing up the highlights just a bit more would really give it a more skin-like quality, and still preserve the dark-as-pitch Drow feel. And just the tiniest dot of bright orange or yellow on the eyes would really bring 'em out more.


The base, per usual, is rockin! Awesome, bro. Just plain awesome piece. This is so cool to see, because you're getting sooooo much better with each mini you post. It makes me sad that golf-season's right around the corner....

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Thanks a ton for the feedback gang! Yeah, the armor could use a bit more depth. I may try the same armor again on #2982, but go a bit darker and deeper with it. The photos seems a bit washed out to me, a lot of the hair shading appears lost. ::(:


Really a fun model to paint and I did it with Jester-like speed! ::):


Kel- Yes, another 6 weeks and ol' Stern will be hittin' the links. I've got three more DHL models, two big Rackham models, and a Freebooter dwarf (Mad Rogat) that I intend to complete before I pack it up!


Dr. J- Yes, up from black. The purple tabbard was the easiest part of the whole model.


1. Black

2. Lich Purple (GW)

3. Highlight up two levels adding 9024 (Amethyst Purple) accordingly to the Lich Purple

4. Wash with 9022 (Nightshade Purple)

5. Highlight up to more levels adding in a bit o' white as needed.

6. Glaze with a diluted 9022.

7. Highlight up as needed.

8. Freehand along bottom of tabbard.


Thanks again for all those who commented, it really keeps me going and shall be reciprocated when you post your own work! :poke:


SK, shirtless and bearded

Edited by Stern Kestrelmann
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Dang, Stern... That bone white armor is 'da bomb' (as the kids are saying now these days).


I'm really loving it, both minis recently have been really eye catching because of it. You going to post a recipie? Or do I have to figure it out on my own?

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White armor...


For Polo:


1. Base in Codex Grey (GW)

2. Controlled wash w/ Codex Grey and black mix 3:1

3. Highlight with Rainy Grey (MSP) White (MSP) mix. Don't go to white to fast.

4. Repeat highlighting adding more white to the Rainy Grey until you hit almost pure white

5. Another controlled wash of Codex Grey and black mix 3:1 or 5:1 depending on preference.

6. Final highlight with pure white


Is this what you had in mind? :;):



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Yes, you might be right Polo...


I probably could have been a bit more agressive with this final step on this last model and maybe gotten a bit more overall depth as a result. I'm also thinking that if I based it with a darker grey to begin with, maybe a black/ grey mix, I could get a darker over all looking NMM metal.


Additionally, I was wondering of how one might try this if they are using white primer. :rock:



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