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Tournament Logistics


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What is a 'swiss' style tourney?

Are single elimination styles better? Do they tork people off?


How do you score? Is it last man standing? What if the Victory Condition wasn't reached?


It looks like I may be running some bigger tourney's in May...And at this point I have no Idea how to do it for more than like 8 people.



HELP! ::P:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Obviously, there a ton of options you can use.


But, overall there are two starting spots to choose from...


Either you can design your scenario and then choose the best tourney style to meet it, or you can choose a tourney style and then design the scenario to match.


That is, if you know you want people to go head to head 1-on-1 then something like a swiss style is a good option, but if you want to run an objective points based game or a game with more then two involved, then a swiss style is probably not the best option.

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Ok, I forgot one criteria in there...


time and pts.


That is for a base start with the idea that a 500 point 1 on 1 will take about 30 minutes. then add roughly 15 minutes per 100 points more. You could go more or less but that seems to be a good reference point.


And then you also have to consider your total overall time. That is to say you have to consider will you have a block of 2 hours to complete the whole tourney? Or maybe 4-6 hours? Will you have to compete againt other games to keep all your players (like in a Con setting) or will you have their attention the whole time? Again those things affect the style of tourney.


Now with those things in mind I will describe three very successful types (though I dont know technical names for them):

  • Single elimination (in the style of the NCAA march madness basketball tourney), you make go ahead and make all the brackets (by random draw) ahead of time so that people will know their exact path to the championship. You play the person you are paired up with in the bracket, if you win, you advance and play in the next level. If you lose, you are out..
    • PROs: Its faster in terms of wittling it down to the final game. If you dont know that you will have players the entire time, then losers can move on when they want.
    • CONs: Losers are out faster obviously, and if you do know that you will have the players the whole time, then the first round losers could be sitting around getting bored...

    [*]Double elimination: Same as above, except that losers also continue playing in the losers bracket, (basically playing for 3rd place). First round losers play each other with the winner playing the losers of the second round, etc.. until you get to the end, then you have the option of either having the winner of the losing bracket player the loser of the championship bracket or not.

    • PROs: there will always be a case where somebody has to sit out, there is no going around it, but atleast this gives each loser a second chance to at least play one more and possibly more.
    • CONs: There really isnt a negative to this one as noted in the pros. Doesnt take any more time than the single elimination as the losing bracket plays their games at the same time as the winners (unless you add the option of the final game of the winner of the losing bracket verses the loser of the winning bracket)

    [*]Pools: This is the International soccer (or futbol depending on where you live) pool style. Group players into bracket pools of 3 to 4 players. Players play all people in their pool. After playing everyone in your pool, the players with the best records move on to the next round.


    Have the option of deciding how many players move on. That is for 8 total people you might have 2 pools of 4 players with either 1 or 2 from each pool moving on. If you only have 1 move on then you are already at your championship game, if you have 2 then you have made a new 4 player pool to let them all play each other from the new pool and the one with the best record is the champion.

    • PROs: This allows for lots of options, and lots of game play. It guarantees each player at least 2-3 games (depending on the number of players in the pool). Another possible pro is, as stated above, the ability to have an immediate championship game after the pools, which means losers dont have to wait long after they are out of the tourney.
    • CONs: You have to make 2nd tiered criteria for possible scenarios such as in a three player pool where all 3 players end up with a 1-1 record (person who scored most points or looted most or got an object, etcc.. gets to move on in the event of a tie). Depending on the number of players and the decisions made about the pools, can easily act as the opposite of the pro and add significant time before reaching the championship (of course if all the players are participating in games and they have the time then this CON is minimized).

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Yeah, with Tournaments you have two major factors: Time and Space. Once you have those nailed down the rest falls easily into place.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How many players do you want to have
  • How many times do you want to have the players play and for how long
  • How much space to do have to dedicate to tables
  • (very important) Do I have time to walk away the tables for about 10 minutes

The only wrong way to run a tournament is:

  • Not showing up
  • Changing to rules just prior to play
  • Not working with someone who mistakenly brought an illegal army*
  • Assuming you know the rules better than the players, you don't

*never accuse them of cheating, just get them to understand the rules better

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Yes most important phrase you can utter.


"Humm I'm not sure, lets check the book to be safe"


Mad Pat


Amen say we.


Oh yeah and another way to kill a tournament is to give the impression that running this tournament is a bother and you really have better things to be doing.



Don't force me to unleash the tourney monkeys on your mass.

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Last year I think there was the equivilent of 3 4x4 boards set up for play and a big PnT area right next to it. (FreeFall can clarify, he was running the whole kit and caboodle.)


If we get enough dedicated type players between now and then I can easily get more space. MisCon LOVED Reaper last year, and I'm friends with the pres.


----Why would I need to leave the table? I have flunkies who could bring me soda and HotDogs... :huh: ...



The Pool Idea seems good, 'cuz it lets people play ALOT! And thats what we want.


THanks All

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I had a t-shirt created for me years ago when I was a judge for that OTHER game. :poke:


The shirt was black and had the word "BOSS" stitched on it in white letters. Plus, those tournaments were big enough I couldn't answer enough questions fast enough so I got a second shirt for a friend that said "SIDEKICK". The guy wearing the t-shirt is 6'-4" and 275 lbs of solid muscle. ::):


Basically, at the start of the tournament, I told all of the players that I am the boss. While I make every attempt to as fair of a ruling as possible, it is inevitable that someone won't like the call. That's why I'm the boss. If you don't like the call, go talk to the sidekick. :devil::lol:


Of course, that remark got a lot of laughs, as it was designed to do. It let people know I was serious but still had a sense of humor. I never had any problem players. I always walked around with a rulebook in hand, tabbed and everything for easy reference. My sidekick in those times would also go around and answer questions as well. He could do more than just be intimidating. :lol:


The main thing to remember is to make every attempt to keep your rulings as fair as possible AND as consistent as possible. Nothing will make you look like a bad judge faster than inconsistent rulings! Avoid those two things and you'll have a good time. ::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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If any of the 'regular' palyers show it will be no problem convincing them I'm enjoying myself...'cuz I will be, they're a Hoot!


So I think we could easily have 8 people show up but it may be more like 12 by then. I was thinking either 1000 or 1500 for the tourney...


Plus set up time between each match over 3 days (2 partials and 2 full)...

Plus the final match...





:lol::lol::lol: NOOOO not the Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!


So (WB) what you're telling me is I need to get my friend Johnny (AKA: Big John, Big Johnny, Pork Chop Johnny's Rough Ridin' Neil Diamond Experience) to wear a shirt like that so INCASE someone gets uppity he can give them a airplane ride?




I'M JOKING!!! ::P:::P:


I like the shirt Idea though.



Budget how much time for a Kill-Em-All at 1500pts?

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hmmm, 1500pts, Kill-em-all, 90 mins, 3 tables, 6 slots




10:00 - 11:30 round 1 preliminaries

11:30 - 13:00 round 2 preliminaries

go get lunch

13:30 - 15:00 round 3 preliminaries

15:00 - 16:30 round 4 preliminaries

got get dinner

17:00 - 18:30 round 5 preliminaries

18:30 - 20:00 round 6 preliminaries


10:00 - 11:30 round 1 semi-finals

11:30 - 13:00 round 2 semi-finals

go get lunch

13:30 - 15:00 round 3 semi-finals

15:00 - 16:30 round 4 semi-finals

go get dinner

17:00 - 18:30 round 5 finals


"FreeFall can clarify, he was running the whole kit and caboodle."


Yeah, for an idiot, he's pretty organized.

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nother option to throw at you:


growing armies: that is 1st round 80 minute 1000 pt armies, 2nd round 110 minute 1250 pts, final 140 minute 1500 pts.




Freefall, eh? You wouldnt happen to have seen or talked to him recently have you? I've been looking for him for about 4 months now (since not long after Nuke Con last year).

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