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Minnesota ReCon 3/11/2006

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Any Minnesota Black Lightning people or just plain old Warlord enthusiasts up for some Warlord at ReCon on 3/11/2006?


Nothing official was posted on the MMGA message board....


My son finally finished enough dwarves for my Necropolis army to beat up on and he's starting to do some Reven....we need more opponents!!!


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Hey, I'm in Minnesota. I'd dearly love to watch a game of Warlord. I've been interested in the game but I want to see it/find other local players before committing to it.


Slackandowski, can you tell me more about ReCon or other Warlord-spectating opportunities? The MMGA website hasn't been updated since August or something.


P.S. I love building terrain.

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Sweet! ReCon is a local wargaming convention held quarterly. It's small but fun. There's a few games scheduled and lots of space to play pick-up games. The next one is Saturday, 3/11/06. It's in Coon Rapids. It usually begins around 10AM and goes until they throw the last person out (usually pretty late).


If you can make it that would be great. I'll bring my Warlord stuff regardless....and my son will bring his (and my dad too....must be genetic). So we'll play either way and if you want to roll some bones you can jump in as well.


Oh, it does cost $7 to get in the door. But if you get in early they have food. Like hotdogs and beans usually....hey, what do you want for free...



If that doesn't work for you maybe we could hook-up sometime at another location. The Source or Phoenix maybe....

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Put me down as a "very likely" (I need a March Con)


Put Kelcore down as a "I have no knowledge of this until I'm told"


I do read this forum y'know! ::P:


My attendence is largly based on how expidiantly and smoothly my impending move goes. It's also dependant on how much extra cash I've got. Gotta save up for ReaperCon, y'know... ::D:


Just out of curiosity, where in MN is this?

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I like ReCon. The gaming atmosphere itself is nice (smoking in the adjacent VFW bar but that's minor) and there were many different kinds of games going on. There are lots of available tables early for pick up games and "scheduled events". Nice cosy 60-70 person get-together 4 times a year.


The problem I saw with ReCon was exactly what we are seeing right here. People would go to play a few games setup ahead of time. Lots of pickup space but not a lot of people to actually play a pickup game that isn't organized. The best way to have a game at ReCon is to do it as described here. Beg and plead for people to show up to play. ;)


Honestly the 60-70 people in attendance don't rotate that much, and you can only give so many demos to a more or less fixed amount of people...


Please remember that I was running CAV. Warlord would probably have a larger appeal than CAV did, although with the new CAV rules I think it could be in the hunt again.


If all you guys are going to show up, I'll try my best to make it. The Minneapolis international car show is in town that weekend and the wife likes to go each year...


It will be different not seeing Jeff Bolton at the registration counter.


-- James

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I agree...but I think it might be a good point to start getting more Warlord interest in the area.


For my part I'll be bringing my dad, son and a friend of mine from work. So that is 3 new people that don't usually go to ReCon!


Car Show!? :rock:

Priorities, priorities....



I can bring my "old" CAV stuff too.....it's just gathering dust while I wait to see what happens with the rules and the figs....

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