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Minnesota ReCon 3/11/2006

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I have about 2k in Necropolis.....



My son and father have probably 1k to 1500 in dwarves...but they need some more grunts and shield maidens to flush it out....since King Thorgram is like 400 points himself...


And I'm trying to get my son to finish at least 1k in Reven.


So basically anything you have completed would be good because we could build a force up from everything available.


I am also helping by painting dwarves and reven stuff....



So I guess 1k would be a good minimum to go by. Anything more than that would be great!


and I'll bring my CAV stuff too in case anyone wants to try the CAV2 beta stuff....which I haven't tried yet...

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AHHH! Where did Bruce go, Slack?!?!?


Bring him back!


I will bring several lists for my Reptus 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 probably.


I could also bring my Necros that I will volunteer for anyone that wants to join but doesn't have minis. As long as their fingers aren't covered in cheeto-cheese or something...

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Cool! Well, I would offer you guys a place to crash but my house is going to be starting a major remodeling project right around this time. So most of my livingroom and dinninroom will be tore up and I only have a 1 bedroom apartment.


The Comfort Inn ( address below) has rates of about $30 per person.

9052 NE University, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, 55448



Hope you two can make it.


MN players better show if these two make it all the way from MI!

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