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Classic Battletech Back?!?


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Wow!! Lots of comments... ::D:


I've always approached BT as a boardgame; I don't think that it really compares to current mini games in any sense other than one can use minis to represent his/her mechs.


My only beef with BT is that the mech designs seemed to plummet after TRO3050 came out - this is one of the things that has always appealed to me about CAV.


One of the things I find intriguing about this announcement is that this has been in the works for a couple of years (gleaned from the BattleChat transcript), and they have kept their plans very quiet. Now, they're announcing a major re-investment into the market with major plans to promote and support the game. Note that ultimately the proof will remain to be seen until August.


When it comes to CAV, the minis and designs are simply amazing (and yes, the game is pretty good too... ::P: ). However, it has taken a loooong time to get where they are today, and that was when BT and DP9 (recently) were in the dumps. For me, a major factor in playing/collecting a game is the fluff and background - something that BT has in abundance, but that CAV is lacking. Hopefully the pending release of CAV2 in the near ( :blink: ) future will be the start on much more CAV-goodness to come.


Just my $0.02 worth...





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No, this was pre-advanced/star league/clan tech.

A normal duel with 3025 tech? Bad dice rolls or jump jets?

Yes on both counts, though the die rolls weren't so much that we weren't hitting any more or less than statistically expected (especially later on as leg, hip, and foot actuators became damaged), but that we weren't hitting in the same locations. Couple that with a tendency on both sides to focus on manueverability (so big engines, no XLs yet, and some decent defensive modifiers) and that didn't leave a lot of room for a big gun. Our playing style also sought to maximize modifiers from terrain (though I forget which map we were playing on, I don't think I had any of the map sets yet so it was probably the standard map from the box set).


I don't remember exactly how this duel ended but I do remember that it ended up him falling and taking the final point of damage to his engine which blew and me failing a piloting check and falling as well, but only having one or two internal structure points left in my center torso.

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I'm glad to see BT getting some more attention. It really is a good game.


The level of detail is both its selling point and probably its biggest curse. It is great when you are playing and blwoing each other away, but it can really bog the game down as well. We actually use some house rules to speed it up somewhat (it was getting too ugly with six SRM 6's, or two LBXAC20/s, and having to roll about 40 locations for each shot).


And the background is awesome as well, each of the guys I play with has picked their own faction and unit. And there is such a range to pick from no one has overlapped.


My favourite moment in a game was a 4-way brawl that had seperated into two 1v1's. On one turn, three out of the four mechs went down. One attempted a last-ditch DFA and was blown from the sky, while in the other 1v1 one mech took a hit to its ammo and exploded, while simultaneously nailing his killer with an AC/10 to the head.

(I love simultaneous firing. I was the guy that took the ammon explosion)

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My only beef with BT is that the mech designs seemed to plummet after TRO3050 came out - this is one of the things that has always appealed to me about CAV.


Because of the art or the stats? We'll see about that when CAV approaches the same number of units. :;):



Yes on both counts, ...




... one or two internal structure points left in my center torso.


Had this also happen many times to me, even in tourneys (not surprising given the high amount of 3025 fanatics over here). ::D:


The level of detail is both its selling point and probably its biggest curse.


Amen. I don't think they're gonna change that with Total Warfare, my guess is that they will incorporate some of the Maxtech rules (especially for vehicles and infantry) and equipment, so they're more useful on the field.

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That will be very cool if so. Infantry have a very limited use in the game, I've only used them once and the only reason they did anything was a mech knocked down another right in front of them (and no one wasted fire on them). Though Battle Armour doesn't come into the infantry category, they can be very effective.


And I love using vehicles, despite all my opponents harrassing me about it. But it depends on what the rules are, some vehicles are quite effective.


Have you ever seen a mech player break down when you deploy a squadron of Shreck PPC carriers. ::D:

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Heh, brings back memories of when I used to play.


I still have a battallion or so of painted CBT minis packed away from the TR3025 timeframe (so I have the original Warhammers and such).


Our biggest game was a roughly 2 company on 2 company game (more on tonnage than anything else) on a large custom map. Big river with a large island in the middle. Teams started on opposite sides of the river.


The game happened when the vehicle and indirect fire LRM rules first came out (3025-3030 timeframe). The opposing side hadn't thought about the implications. So, I convinced my teammate to just hang out on our side of the river in the woods and wait for the opposing team to get to the big island and come into LRM range.


When they did, my two helicopters served as spotters, just staying out of range and there was a bit of a massacre for several turns while the opposing team struggled to cross the island and the river to get to our side. We eventually called the game when they had lost about half of their forces and were just starting to get on shore in force(big river). We lost one mech.


I generally lost interest in the board/mini game version once the Lostech started showing up.


Ah, memories...



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Useless Fact #782.3:


The models of the Big O series mechs available from Max Factory...


Are to-scale for Classic Battletech. They don't say so on the website, but a quick number crunch shows them at 1/300th scale.



Big O



Big Duo



Big Fau


How do you go about statting 5000 ton mechs, eh? :devil:

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I have a regiment plus of mechs and game books that go back to "Tales of the Black Widow" but I felt so completely betrayed when Battletech turned into that abomination with the clicky things that I'm not sure I could ever get behind them again. Plus, FanPro stole a piece of fiction I wrote. I couldn't prove it because they covered their tracks well but it did happen. So, no..I'm not likely to be playing any more BT.

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Another problem I started having was that with so many designs published in the later years, plus what I could design myself, I found myself inundated with possibilities. I had a really hard time selecting Mechs for a force becuase it was difficult for me to discern any real uniqueness between units designed for particular roles and I'd usually end up defualting to updated versions of my favorite classics from the box set.

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