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Two Warlord figures I painted and use as Chaos Spawn in WHFB


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Acouple months ago I delved into the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Refusing to pay an insane amount for GW's official "Chaos Spawn" model, I ventured forth to locate suitable proxy figures. I don't attend official GW tournaments, so there is little need to worry about them being disqualified. Additionally, I wanted the figures to be fairly "Tzeentchy" in appearance, as I decided to do a Tzeentch army.


What I found were two awesome Reaper Warlord figures, 14059 and 14076, Chaos Spawn of Mashaf, and Devourer of Mashaf respectably. After alittle sculpting and reposing of the former, I got to painting both, and banged them out in an afternoon. I've received many compliments on them, and many people have said they look better than GW's Spawn model.


So, without further delay, here they are:












Let me know what ya'll think... :)



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they look great. I especially like the firey skulls in the first ones hands.







might I recomend a link or maybe sme smaller pictures. the last few took a moment or two to load even with my cable internet. Our dial up friends could be stuck for months.

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Ohhhh, sweeet. I loves em, very cute critters.


Good work with the official colours too! The Chaos Spawn even meets the GW skull quota. :lol:


I have to say that was really good work with the flaming skulls.


The front "arms" on the devourer i am no so keen on. The rest of it is nice, just the white spots and the 'claw' parts do not do that much for me.

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Those look very cool! Nice additions for a Chaos army! Doesn't Reaper have a cool looking vulture guy that would be cool with Tzeentch? Or am I thinking of the wrong Chaos faction?
No. you are on the money.


Khorne, the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls; Balrogs and hunting hounds.

Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways and the God of magic; Bird-men and freaky critters.

Nurgle, Lord of Decay and Pestilence; One eyed, one horned sickly looking demons and fat little nurglings.

Slaanesh, the Dark Prince and God of decadence and pleasure. Minions often have boy parts and girl parts along with other parts.


Tzeentch favors blues and golds. Khorne is a sucker for red and bronze. Nurgle sports all kinds of sickly greens, browns, and rust. Slaanesh digs on purples and pinks.

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