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Who is that mustachioed freak?


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Hey-ho, Reaper buddies . . .


Remember me? I do, a little.


Man, it's been a long time since I posted here. Life's been crazy out here in the real world. I was just sitting down this evening and realized I haven't even LOOKED at these forums for ages. Crazy.


So, what have I been up to, you ask? Well, that's a good question.


In the time I've been gone I've moved back to Oregon from Wyoming. I don't know if I've been in here since then. Maybe I have.


I've been working as the Scene Shop manager at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. That means that I manage a group of students, and together we build the sets for all of the theater productions. Apart from the pneumatic staple I got shot through my right index finger in January, it's a pretty good gig.


I've also started my own blog. Feel free to read it if you like.


I'm now making an attempt to start my acting career, after a long hiatus to put my wife through graduate school. I'm currently in production on two seperate films. One is a very short student project at the university, and the other is an independent short film that will hopefully make it into a real festival next year. Let's hope. This is one of the primary focuses (focii?) of my blog.


I haven't touched a mini in something like a year and a half. My W&N Series 7 is languishing in fairly expensive depression. Perhaps I'll have time and inspiration to pick it up again soon.


Anyway, I thought I'd just check in with my old friends over here. Hopefully I'll do it more often than every six months from now on . . . :blush:

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glad to see your doin ok, I recall you had some hectic months there for awile.


Newburg?? coolness, my aunt & uncle live there (the road to Forest Grove & Hillsboro, then turn left after the railroad tracks) nice town. We try & stop there at least once whenever we get over to the side of the state.


anways, don't be a stranger!!!! we won't bite, honest (well maybe Kel, but your safe!!, ha ha)



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