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For being 35 points more expensive than a lesser magic weapon I have to wonder is the abilty to re-roll a single missed melee attack only a one use thing? Meaning you use it once and now you have a plain old lesser magic weapon. Or is it you may only re-roll a single missed melee attack each time the model makes a melee attack?

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you may reroll a single die during every melee attack action or defensive strike





Uhhh...is it ok if I DON'T tell my Crusader players that little tidbit of info? :devil:


Pretty please with heaping gobs of sugar and hot wings? :devil::bday::devil::upside::wub:


Ok. Fine. I'll tell him. But I don't like it! No sirree!! I expect something just as fabulous when the Dwarf book comes out! ::P:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Yes, well, 300+pts of Gerard vs 147pts of Overlord Warriors all swarming him...my money is on my Warriors. :D


You do realize that Gerry rarely travels alone himself, right?


Yeah, doesn't he come with Gerry's kids? :devil:


Precisely. :devil:

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Is this a unique item? God I certainly hope so. Leaders and Elites? Or Solos too?

50 points too, nice deal. It's pretty much giving the wielder an extra #MA if they miss. Nice.


All I can say, is if I hear a Crusader player complaining about my Bonesplitter, Axe of Garauga now...

<SMACK> Right upside the head :lol: I'm just jealous that your toy adds to the Model's MAV too.

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