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Panther Dragon

Froggy the Great

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what does WoTC mean. do you mean the repear black dragon. I've been wanting to pain that one.

I thought my abyssal dragon was hard to build



WOTC means Wizards of the Coast. The Black Dragon being spoken about is an out of print model which has proven very popular and ellusive (I've got four of them, but it was pure luck and over the course of a years worth of searching).


Here are some CMON links of them. I didn't paint them.





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I was inspired by this thread to dust my WOTC black off and attack it with a dremel again. As of last weekend, except for the wings, it is assembled. I used up all of the green stuff I had filling gaps and still need to finish in 1-2 places. The wings have had their tabs totally removed and 2 heavy duty pins sunk into each of them. They are going on hopefully tonight or this weekend.


I swear, if I ever finish this bugger, I should take a pic to prove it, then stick him up on eBay just to get it out of my sight.


(Sure, I say that now. But once it's done it'll be My Precious and I won't want to part with it! :wacko: )

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