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WOW. TS this is coming out great. And I love the little tutorials on how you have fixed the problems that you have encountered along the way. You are very proficient in all the little details, I am becoming envious. Anyway, can't wait for you to come back from the holidays, refreshed and renewed ready to start working again.

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Full body shots, as requested:






(Note that the white stuff in the cracks between the body scales on her left side is probably caused because I dullcoated too soon after lining and the liner wasn't dry yet, as discussed in the Painting Tips and Advice section. I'll need to re-darkline that side soon.)


Have a good night,




(...edit: I'm not really sure why the second picture is coming in as a thumbnail. Sorry about that.)

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wow TS. simply amazing. I have a couple of the dragons myself sitting on my wall of shame waiting for me to get to them, but not knowing where to start.


This WIP that you have given us is excellent. I love every step that you show and how you mixed things and everything. Thanks for doing this and keeping us posted on the whole project.

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Well I have been looking in on this thread for a few months and wow.... Here is was getting mad becasue I can't paint as fast or as good. This helps put everything in the correct light...



Good work takes time. GREAT WORK TAKES EVEN LONGER!!!


Can't wait to see more updates.


Love the horns and eyes

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Hey everyone,


I just wanted to take a few seconds and give you a bit of explanation as to why the updates have stopped. First, I am still making progress on her, just not much or very often. The last couple of months have been filled with too many things to do. First, I had to build my niece a toy rack for Christmas. Then we were gone for Christmas and New Years. Also, I have been stepping up my fencing practice in order to get myself ready for a couple of tournaments I will be fencing in in the next few months. Then we had a death in the family for which we had to travel.


To add to that, I am currently painting Cinder's wings and back sail. I had 2 false starts where I chose the wrong color and had to start over. It takes a very long time to paint each shade of the base wing colors as there is so much surface area to paint. Currently, I have painted the first 3 shades and am half way through the fourth. There will be 6 to 8 in total. When I am finished with these I will post again. However, I am actually putting her away again for now, as I am participating in Project Jester. I'll likely get back to her in March.


Thanks for your patience with me.



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Well, I'm back! ::):


Bet you all had given up on me and this WIP. Well, I have had a hell of a year. Lots of stuff happened that prevented me from even working on Cinder at all. The poor girl sat in my cold dark basement with out any new paint for over nine months. I've got loads of excuses, some are even good. ::P: The number one being that we discovered a leak, mold, and rot in the walls and floor of our master bathroom which lead me to have to gut the whole thing and then rebuild it. This alone took over three months, during which I got no where on Cinder.


Bathroom, gutted:




Bathroom, finished:





For those of you reading this WIP for the first time, I am sorry that all of the old pictures are now out of sync with the text. That happened shortly after my last update when Reaper did a software upgrade of some kind. I can't figure out how to fix it, so it will have to stand as is.


Well, in spite of my tardiness, this will be a good update, with lots of pictures, so let's dig in.


In the past year, I had been working on Cinder's wing membranes. My thought was to give them a sunset feel. I started with the Fire triad and thought to use it straight out:




Ok, anyone have sunglasses! It was way too bright for the model and I needed to make it more autumnal. I added some other browner shades and ended up with a much more pleasing shade progression. The mix got a bit muddled in the end, but if anyone wants to know I can provide it, just let me know. The entire progression is as follows (you can tell where the nine month gap occured by the suddenly different picture angle and back ground; sorry):

















The following are some over all shots of where she currently stands:









I had originally intended to give her more of a wing pattern, but now that I am this far, I really like the look of it the way it is. What do you think?


So, I still have the following left to do on Cinder:


1. Brown pebbled skin of her hands, feet, and wing fingers.

2. Claws

3. Base

4. Touch-ups and lighting adjustments


So, I guess I am closer to being done than I thought. At the rate I'm going, I should have her done in 2 to 3 years. :lol::rolleyes::down: (lets hope not)


Thanks and have a good night.



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