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Pirate Ship for Gaming

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For Warlord demos with Razig's company and scenario play I put together this ship and terrain board. Most similar game table ships that I've seen avoid rigging and sail, etc, to keep it simple and allow easier access to decks but it looks too sparse to me. I'm thinking of adding a hint of rigging and some booms to the masts even though it's just a game prop. Thanks for looking.


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Awesome! Can we get a picture with the top deck removed?


I've been planning on making a ship for Razig, but mine will be out of cardboard.


The ship you make will add to the Razig fun. I added two pictures to show the top deck removed, etc.

Ship updated


That's way freekin' cool. Do you have plans for the ship?

I made a few rough sketches but no real plans since I wanted to use stuff on hand.


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That looks really nice, Ken. Are you going to be using it in any Warlord demos at Gamer's Haven? I sure wouldn't mind seeing this in person.

I ran a demo with it once and will probably do another. A lot of people like the Un-dead Pirates and Reaper will have the Razig starter box out soon. I'll let you know about it if I schedule a demo. Or, if you want to try it out let me know.


Thanks to everyone for the comments!

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Actually, what are the dimensions on this ship?

It's 24 inches long excluding the bowsprit due to the overhang in the stern and 5 1/2 inches wide at the beam. From the waterline to the deck of the Fore castle is 4 inches and the main mast is 28 inches from deck to pennant arm.

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For those who lack the scratchbuild-fu to make something like that, check out Worldworks Games "Maiden" for a cardstock alternative.

I'm building "The Maiden" right now. I'm not really rushing but it's sure a lot of pieces!


I'm doing a kind of WIP thread on their discussion board. Follow along here if you're interested in such things. It's sitting on my dining room table right now waiting for me to finish up some bits before the next picture.

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