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I really like Julie's sorceress!

The headdress reminds me of the cover of a Dungeon magazine, by James Ryman:



And that's a nice-looking samurai (Salonka drew the concept) -- first Reaper piece for Jeff Grace, right? Well done! I wonder whether the banner will be hard to cast, but maybe it's flatter than it looks.


Lovely mermaid, creepy assassin, brawny half-ogre. Good all around!



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Must have: Klocke mermaid and Guthrie sorceress. Wow! I tell you what, wow! :wub:


The others are great, too, but you know, can't have everything. It's not for a lack of trying, mind you... ^_^ If the cheesecake samurai (bare midriff) gets corrected while still green, I will snag it based on the strengths of the sculpt. No gaming use for it, no particular interest in samurai-types, but this one might be too good to pass up.

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I wonder whether the banner will be hard to cast, but maybe it's flatter than it looks.


The thing I noticed about some o' the greens (the banner included) was that they just didn't look flat... heh heh... It was a nice flowing banner.... to me... of course it was kinda a quick ooogle to make sure I stayed outta Kevin's way.

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  • Reaper User

Hey, Michael -- My van is down for the next couple of days. Did the rest of the Werner greens come in, too?


(tease, tease...)


I can't wait for me halfling! ::D:


(Yep, the next greens update will be very cool, too. Send in your hot wings now...)

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Xailor scares the bajeezus out of me, and I can't even remember his playtest data card :lol:

We should really just call him a Bugbear and add him to the Reven :devil:



Poisoner looks sweet. I hope there will be more of an attachment point that the little point at his feet and/or there is more GS added to the pin around his cloak, else I can see him being a fragile one.


Those were the two that impressed me the most this time around. What's bad is that I'm trying to cut down my miniature purchaes for stuff I'm not actively using but that's almost enough to make me want to start an Overlords style army.

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