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A mantis


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Due to my darling other half's desire for me to play CAV I had one of these things tossed in front of me with a "just give it a quick paint scheme ..... something you could play with and stand"


So I present to you my 1 1/2 hour 1 1/2 calorie stompy robot: ::D:

(the purples are all blended metallics)




The base, BTW, is obnoxious, lilac, holographic, glitter nail polish over prepped metal.

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Awesome! What colors did you use?

Those are the Createx airbrush paints in thier "pearlized" line (their iridescent line are pearl and thier pearls are metallic :wacko: ). I used the red, purple and blue to mix the colors. It's top, in person, is a glorious cobalt/concord purple that I could not get to not look blue in the photos with out messing up the rest of the colors.


The copper that I used on the gun ports etc.. is Duncan Ultrametallics Copper (from a bottle I have hauled around for about 7 years).



The missle tips are straight, gawdawful flourescent red.



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