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Quick scratchbuilt wooden docks

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I made these over three lunchbreaks, including painting. Each dock section uses 13 craft sticks, such as you might find at Michael's. Paint was DecoArt oak Gell Stain. Total time invested - about two hours for them all.


Assuming Burpanomicon administration is flexible, I might be using these, the Dark Maiden, and a village for a "Grab the treasure, race for the one ship in port, and commandeer it" scenario this Saturday morning.

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If you've got some twine, wrap some around the posts. Rope was used as a bumper so the hull of boats wouldn't make direct contact with the hard wood of the docks when they would moor due to changes in tides and shifting currents.


Wonderful job as usual Lanse, particularly given the time to make them.




Can't wait to see what your version of Stevedores will look like :poke:

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Heck, I'll even try to give you ASCII plans.


You need 13 craft sticks: |||||||||||||


Glue three of them together side to side: ||| Wrap it well. These are your posts.


Cut your post into quarters.


Lay eight sticks flat, side by side: ||||||||


Take two sticks (||) and cut them each into two peices equal to the width of the eight sticks plus two of the posts.


Glue these two sticks to either side of the posts as such:




Glue the top eight sticks to the crossbeams.





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That's really cool man! :B):


Did you wittle (sp?) on the sticks any? They look like they have a little warping, and that's cool. Was it intentinoal or did the sticks come that way?


You could make a river for your sectional caverns and have a bridge fight! Aaahhhhrrrrrgggg! :lol:



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For the rope, what I find works well is a bit of string soaked in PVA glue and than wrapped around a crayon with the paper peeled off. The glue won't stick to the crayon and you can get some good looping action over the tip part of the crayon. Once it is dry you can slide it off and plop it in place on the posts of the docks or elsewhere that you want it. The heavier thread used for sewing on canvas and what not works quite well for thick rope to scale. Finer thread makes realistic looking reigns and lassos.


For longer rope stuff (if you want to make rope handrails and what not), the stranded picture wire works great. #2 is one of my go too gauges for picture wire and it looks pretty good next to 28 mm minis. You can wrap it, twist it, solder it and than hit it with primer and paint to finish it.

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Our colleagues in the model train hobby have something to add here. A company called Floquil makes a line of wood stains that are ideal for your dock. I have used the weathered/driftwood stain and have been very pleased. Just my $0.02.

Mr. Willard

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