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Sat March 25 tournament

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Here is a question for the normal tourney players...


I noticed when I played in the tourney in January, EVERYONE except for me had a Battle totem.


The question I have is, is that more of a product of:


1. the 4 foot table (3 foot after considering deployment zones)?

2. the time frame of the tourney rounds (have to kill lots fast for points verses slow and methodical for total victory)?

3. the particular army you use?

4. personal style?

5. knowing that everyone else will have one so you figure you need one to to keep up?

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I don't use a totem. I just like the humor behind my Totem of Battle. January's winner didn't use a totem I believe. (at leasyt he didn't whan I fought him). I agree with Kyle, its the flavor of the month. (I hope for Butter brickle in March :lol: )


I may not make this months tourney as it is on my youngest sons first birthday ::(:

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Finishing troop #3(basing)...will be ready for another lesson tomorrow.


I've done the math & have enough to play... now... having enough to play effectively is another thing. Ah yes, it will ALL be painted as well since the new rule about painted armies getting handicapped will be in effect




Ok, that handicap thing was a joke... but I shore do like seeing painted minis!!!

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