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Wow, just wow. (bunch o' pics)


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Let me start with - This is to let anyone interested in a mid-$$ range camera (though caught mine on sale) know about this one more than it is about the show-off side (though there's a little o' that, too. won't lie)



Ok, file the taxes, get a return, pay bills.

What about the left over?


That, my friends, is the tax return fairy, and here is what she got me (or it's results anyway):


Kodak EasyShare Z740


I am in camera heaven.


Not a tripod used on any of these.


This is at four feet no zoom-



Four feet half zoom:



And this is four feet full zoom, still no tripod :blink:



And this is the above just cropped, no sizing.





And this is just the start, you know, kid with a new toy syndrome ::D:


Truely impressive is the eight foot four inch shots:









And check this out, still 8'4", still no tripod! Read the ruler. :blink:

again, just cut, no re-size:



This'll force my painting to improve some more, either that or it'll look like poo on the extreme close ups. :lol:


Wendy :bday:

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Wow! It looks like you got a good one. Congrats..though if you're anything like me you'll drive everybody else in the house nuts for a few days with all the snapshots.


The zoom shots are really amazing. My optical zoom is somewhat lacking in that regard.

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