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Keith! What up, home-skillet?


I myself just have no grasp of tactics. And they have those DV 11 grunts that my archers have a very hard time against.


I did make pretty good use of the Bloodseeker against them for a change though.

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As for the being scared of reptus queston, the reptus are just a good solid army. They aren't jawdroppingly awesome at anything (yet) but they are perty good at EVERYTHING.

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The Reptus are tuff like the Reven...so much so that often I am having to correct CERTAIN PEOPLE in this household who can't keep the two sorted.


Anyhoo I also enjoy beating my spouse on a regular basis. :lol: His Mercs needed to be took down a notch or two, and my orcs had been in an awful slump.


Reptus are a good solid army though, seriously. They have hard-hitting grunts, leaders with awesome DVs, and they look cool too. Green is such a nice colour.

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At Total Con, the best Reaper miniature and I think also best Large based model, won.


It was Khong To painted up in Gila Monster style. It was beautiful. :wub:



Don't fall into the trap that Reptus have to be just green. There are reptiles with virtually EVERY color in the rainbow.

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