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Hey Bruce, what's up. Long time no see. :B):


Thanks everyone. But yeah, I was just looking at the reptus stats last night and they seemed pretty much a cross between the reven and the crusaders but nothing spectacular except for their faction SA but I don't remember what the restrictions were on when or how it's used. Hands down they're the coolest looking faction.

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faction SA: if I give up my movement and swing at you, then I get +2 def against your wack-back.


I find that it doesn't come into play much. it requires that the melee already be good and started, and that I don't have anywhere important to go. To use it I almost always have to have survived your previous attacks anyway (meaning the first time or two you swung at me I couldn't use it because I had moved or it was your turn on offense). It is nowhere near as nice as mercy, or sokar's stuff, or sureshot, or bane, or pretty much any other Army SA. Honestly, it isn't even enough of a boost to keep me from staying rulebook and not using the clutchlings. When I bring the clutchlings (which I always do) I am no longer corebook exclusive, so I don't get the SA.


We do look good though, and it is a nice balanced army despite it's SA.

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My tournament Reptus are blue and orange, not green. Tho the group that I have that are for tabletop RPGs look great in green.


As for the Reptus being such a great army, it has to be the sculpts. We have the best looking figures of all the armies, period-paragraph. ;)



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