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RMS Clear Paints

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Clear Brights summarized:


1) Add Clears to existing colors to make them more intense without losing coverage (i.e. add Clear Red to Blood Red or Clear Blue to Sapphire Blue for a more intense color)


2) Thin down your Clears to make glazes which can be painted over a surface to intensify color (i.e. thin down Clear Yellow to about one drop paint per two drops water consistancy and glaze it (paint it) over Sunlight Yellow to make it brighter)


3) Use Clears as regular paint--though you will have to add another coat for basecoating, so usually I'll use mine when layering on highlights--if I start a red cape, I'll start with Red Liner, then layer on Clotted Red, then Carnage Red, then Clear Red, then go to mixing in Clear Orange and go up to Clear Yellow. This results in a very bright cloak and the clears work fine for layering!



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