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Nub-nub, the Snrk

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This is Nub-nub. He's a snrk. With a smirk.


He was sculpted circa August 2005 by Jester, who gave it to me out of the blue when we visted him last fall. It took me this long to get to painting him, mostly out of fear of not being able to match Robert's sculpting with my painting.


He's mounted on a penny, and I'd guess he's no taller than 10mm. He took about three hours to paint. He's a real cutie, and I'd be willing to bet that those arms could extend a good couple inches to stab me for saying that.

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He's super! I love the paint job on him! You really made him unique as the character he is... and you even gave him a suitable name as well.


He was my attempt at an "evil" familiar at the time I had sculpted him... <_<


And yes, I gave him to Frosch, but I also got something in return, a one-of-a-kind Frosch-conversion that is STILL waiting for me to get up the courage and inspiration to paint it up as it deserves!



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