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What's your battle cry?

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My elves have a variety of battle cries depending on our foes many of which come from the afforementioned tick and simpsons


"Sun worshiping dog launchers you face the Elves" (Retpus) the tick on Aztecs may also work for crusaders with wardogs and orcs with beastriders


"wrinkly wrongdoers stop that evilness" (Nefsokar) the tick facing the terror


"Know him!? hes my worthless half brother" (darkspawn) Krusty on Luke perry


"money the money's money is all that moneys" (mercs) homer on money or something


"You cant stop me I'm filled with tinier men" this will be good when I get an all halfling army


Ok so alot of these arent really battle cries but they do come up in battles

and I love to quote the tick so it happens alot


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