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Roral Reaper mini's

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here is king 02082 : Angus Stormhand and his queen 02083 : Shanon Stormhand, Queen of Heimdall.

I first made them to become the king and queen of a reaper chess set. I just haven't figuered out the othere peices. My question, should I keep them as is or dip them and try again.



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Awesome, I had actually thought about making a mini chess set. I haven't gone ahead with it, though, because I want to get all the unique pieces that I like before getting duplicate pieces like you'd have on a chess set. Just with Reaper alone, that may push it back to around the year 2032 or so. :wacko:


As far as dipping... Are you really unhappy with them or just being a perfectionist? If you're ok with them, maybe you should wait until you paint up some more and if you don't like how they look against the rest of the pieces, you can worry about them then.


Also, what themes are you planning on for each side? Are you thinking of having separate races (like Humans vs. Orcs or something)? If not you may want to have a particular color scheme where one side wears blue and the other red to help differentiate them, which might require repainting what you have.


I'd love to see how this comes along.

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my thought was living (Good) versis undead and monsters (evil).

That sounds cool.

It's more of being a perfectionist. If I was really unhappy with them they would have been dipped already.

You could try more touching-up instead of a total redo, if you think that would help. The thrones really did come out great so I'd be sad to see them get dipped, but it's your mini so you gotta do what you feel is right.

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As already said several times, the thrones look good, very stoney. ::):


As far as the people go, they are a bit rough, especially the faces and heads. First, are you thinning your paints? Overall, some of the paint surfaces (hair and skin) look a bit rough, which is either an indiction of not thining the paints, or sometimes dry brushing.


I think your biggest detraction though is the eyes, they are not very cleanly executed. Check out the tutorial in The Craft on Bette Davis Eyes by Darin. It is an awesome tutorial on painting awesome eyes. Also, the same author has a really good article in the craft on thining paints.


I look forward to seeing the complete chess set.



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Stone and the metallic work look pretty good! As for the skin and such, as the resident mini painting goddess (you know who you are) would say, and she has to me more than once, THIN those paints more. Build it up a bit slower with coats and you'll be amazed how much improvement you'll see. Don't dip 'em, learn new things for a while, try new things, then go back and paint the same minis again. It is very encouraging to see the change in your skills. Sometimes it feels like we learn sooooo slowly, but when you do a compare and contrast like that you can really see the improvements. Good lukc and have fun! :blues:

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