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lava base

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Ok, give me a day or two and I will create a base, taking pictures as I go, and I will get the step by step to you - ingredients and all.


The closest thing I have to your Sasquatch is the Reaper Yheti, but I think the size is about the same.


The first thing you will want to think about is what type of base will you want to use (I suggest a 40x40 mm base from either Reaper or GW), but that is entirely up to you. In my example I will use a 40x40.


Off to work I go...

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Alright, now that I feel I am headed in the right direction with this thing, lets get started. If it is not what you want, let me know.


Step 1. Pick your base type. You need to mount this on something, I prefer plastic bases. I chose to mount mine on a 40x40 mm base because it makes him legal for warhammer games. But you can used anything flat, like a CD, hardboard, whatever.


Step 2. Lets get some lava flowing. I use a modeling clay called Crayola Model Magic that I bought from Wal-mart for like $2.00. The limiting factor is that you have to use wood glue, or elmers glue - but no super glue because it will melt. If you want to use super glue for that extra tight fit, then you have to use epoxy putty (green stuff) that you can buy from modeling stores.


Anyway, take a piece and fit it to the base, you don't have to be exact because you will cut the excess off after it dries (it takes the modeling clay about 24 hours to dry).




Step 3. Using more of the clay, smush a few pieces on top of the first layer to create elevated portions. This is going to be the land portion, and the sunken portions will be the lava flow. Then take the model and sink him into a piece of land so that the reaper base is flush with the land. You don't need to be exact, just about right.


If you want some trees, break off a piece of stick from the yard like I did and plant it in an area either completely on land, or like I did in between the land and the lava.


Now, using elmers glue or wood glue glue everything down and set it aside for 24 hours (so that the clay can dry.


post-2668-1141593474_thumb.jpg post-2668-1141593490.jpg


Step 4. Cut all of the excess clay away so that it is flush with the base. Using some elmers glue/water mixture (I just dab some glue there and wet a brush) spread it over the land areas and dip it into some sand. The texture of sand is up to you, I use a find sand, but if it has some bigger pieces thats fine. Be careful around the toes so you don't mess up your paint job, it may not even be necessary to get that close if you don't want to, as the reaper base is already textured. Most important is making sure that the point where the reaper base meets the clay is sanded over. Set it aside to dry.




Step 5. Paint the ground area a dark brown (I used GW Scorched Brown). Paint the lava areas, the part of the tree that is near the lava, and a little bit of the ground that is near the lave black. Let it dry.




OK, that should get you started. Check back in soon and I will have more for you as I get it done.

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OK, lets finish this thing. The next thing I did was open a bag of Lipton Tea (dry of course), put some elmers glue on the land mass, and dipped it into the tea. Then I put a layer of GW Scab Red on all the lava areas.




Next I drybrushed some GW Goblin Green on the tea, and added layers of GW Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and Sunburst Yellow to the lava.




Next I used some woodland scenics Water Effects (but you can use any sort of glossy substance, even watered down glue) and brushed it on the lava. Also added a highlight of Snakebite Leather to the ground areas.




And for a final touch I threw some static grass on there, but at this stage you can do just about anything. Maybe highlight the shore where the lava meets the ground to reflect the heat of the lava, or sculpt some fire around the tree with green stuff, add flock, rocks, etc. Let me know how yours comes out, I am really interested to see it.



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Very nice step by step. If anyone's interested, I found a similar tutorial on another site. It's mostly repetitive, but extra picture examples never hurt anyone ::P:




I think the only major difference is that the other one layers the lava all the way to white, which is difficult but looks cool.

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