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I need your opinions!

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Howdy guys! I'm painting a dragon soon and am having problems coming up with a color scheme. I thought I'd get some opinons first. So, I slapped some paint on a few dinos I had lurking around. What do you think? (I apologize for the fuzziness. I was racing the death of my camera batteries.)




And the other pics:

Conga line right.

Based on a garter snake. (This one is a bit washed out, his base color is a nice cream.)

Forest camo?

Um, this one's just from boredom.

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The multicolored one would make a great red dragon--cream for bony bits, and blue for highlights (for example, the wings look really cool if you transition from red to grey-blue).


I think the black and white is actually my favorite, but I'm not sure how it would look as a dragon...Might end up looking sorta like a statue.


Finally, the middle one would work alright, but I think it would look too simple compared to the others.

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Hmm... color choice is often the key to a good, or bad mini. So many of my mini's have hit the dunk tank because of bad colors.


I'd say I like the middle one the best, but I'd have to reserve my judgement until I saw the dragon. You gotta match the paint to the model, I think. Which dragon are you picking up?

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I think I'm going to do a pattern, (although I may have to dip him from frustration and do a solid color!) and now I get to decide... Rattlesnake vs Gartersnake! whooo. And thanks to the miracle of graphics programs, I have pics! Well, headshots really.


http://people.tamu.edu/~dragonag/color_sch...artersnake2.jpg (I'm leaning towards this one.)


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