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Pharess, Fire Scoceress

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Well, I finally got around to finishing her up. I had posted a few WIP shots on her earlier and now she's done. A very cool sculpt. My flame work is not the best, but it turned out okay for my first attempt. :poke:


FYI- I've packed up my workshop until next fall So, this will be my final piece until September/ October when I start painting again. :down:


I'll still be lurking about and posting from time to time. :poke:


Enjoy. ::):




PS- Just added a cropped CU of her pretty little mug.




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Here's hoping you don't have to "relearn" anything when you get back into it again as you've made a good deal of progress during this last "block" of painting you've done. :)


This is definately a cool mini, very bold with a striking color scheme. The color choice is poppin and the staff especially looks killer. Very smooth work on that staff.

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Hey thanks Jabb! ::): Still, I did manage to complete 17 pieces including 2 huge 1/30 scale resin dinos, 7 DHL models, 1 Confrontation, and 7 Freebooter models bewtween November and March. And used no metallic paints for the first time! :B): Not bad eh?


DS- Dude, I am so freakin glad your back. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. I look foward to seeing your version of this model. :poke:


I shall return!




PS- Please forward all my mail to the local golf courses in the Greater Iowa City area. :lol:

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I really like the face. How do you get the lips so perfectly shaped? Not to mention the color and shade gradient. The eye shadow is great too.


Do you paint the lip color in first then bring the skin tones up to shape the lips?


What size brushes do you use on that detail, and are they long bristle or short? natural or other?


thanks for any tips, I work and work on the faces but the mouths are only good to look at when at arms length.

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Thanks for the comments guys.


MK- Thanks man. Keep working. Your skills are already improving... I'll be watchin' :poke:


D- Yes, golf season is here. Although the weather has been a little unstable in the mid-west, but that's nothing new. :lol:


Angorak- Yes, from NMM struggles to early season golf swing issues! I'm about a 3 HCP, so my expectations are always pretty high. I'm definitely a golfer who paints... ::):


T- Thanks. To answer your questions; Most Klocke models have nicely sculpted lips even at the 28-30mm scale. So, you can get the paint in the right places most of the time. For lip color I usually paint a darker red mixed with a little flesh tone, then go back and try and paint a slightly lighter area within the darker one. This gives a nice lip liner effect. I've seen this effect on my wife :poke: Then I go back and highlight THE BOTTOM LIP ONLY.... This is something I was told a while back and it really makes a big difference.


I use mostly cheap japanese sable brushes. Can't remember the brand (all my stuff is packed). However, I do have a few small Floquil brushes I use for detail work, especially eyes and faces. These are short blonde haired brushes, not sure of the size.


Hope this helps.




I will paint shirtless all summer as we eagerlyawait your return to painting.


LOL! Good. Keep a light on for me.



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