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1,000 Point Tourney 04/08/2006 Tulsa, OK!

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I know this is a little early, but I wanted to give those of you who might consider traveling a heads up so you can make any appropiate plans. :B):


And, without further ado:




APRIL 8, 2006 1 PM START (12:30 CHECK-IN)



(918) 665-7529


There can’t be a tournament without some ground rules!


• Each person must field a 1,000 point army.

• Only armies from the core rulebook, Razig’s Revenge or a faction book are allowed.

• You can play with as many troops that you can legally field.

• Proxies ARE allowed; however, make sure the proxies look as correct as possible.

• Example: I don’t want to see a unit of Mummies being called Elven Archers.

• Reaper minis are the preferred choice for proxy models.

• Having a painted army IS NOT a requirement, though it is encouraged.


The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of play. Two hours will be allotted for each round. This will include deployment. Scenarios for each round will be used. These will be chosen from the scenarios given in either the rulebook or a faction book. A one hour dinner break will be given. Terrain will be pre-set by the judge on the tables before the tournament begins. A final round for all of the undefeated players will follow at the end. It will be a large multiplayer free-for-all last man standing match to determine the ultimate winner!! :lol:


While the undefeated are bashing each other, the rest of the crowd will be invited to participate in a free-for-all of their own. You will be required to field a 2,000 point troop. That’s right: troop! You MUST field a Warlord, and you can only have one troop in your army. All normal composition rules apply. This will also be last man standing!


There will be no entry fee. A prize will be awarded to the top General of the day, the Best Painted Army (and no, the Army of Brilliance does not count!), and Ultimate Cheesy General :devil: (winner of the 2,000 troop battle).


Contact info: William Barrett, (816) 797-6396, [email protected]




I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions here on the forum that someone might have. Cheers! :bday:


Wild Bill :blues:

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All of our playing areas will be 4'x4'. Some of the tables are 8'x4', so you would be playing next to someone else. Well, that's for the initial three rounds anyways. The free-for-all rounds at the end will be on 8'x4' to accomodate all of the players.


Oh, and since I was smart enough to forget the address, here it is:


Top Deck Games

5970 E 31st St #K

Tulsa, OK 74135


I've already cleared the day with the owners and they are cool with however many people show up. The back of the store opens up to the interior covered walk area of a strip mall. I know it sounds weird, but if you show up I can show you what I mean. ::): Anyways, the point is they said we can always spread out into the mall if necessary. Apparently they've done it for other tournaments in the past! ^_^


Wild Bill :blues:


Some of us in Wichita might be interested.......I will ask around :) How many do you plan on having in attendence?



Right now, it would be 10 or 12 people from our here. Assuming everyone gets off of work yadda yadda yadda. That's why I'm posting so early. Give people that chance! ::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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As far as I know, we don't have any Razig players. Doesn't mean someone isn't hiding somewhere. :devil:


I believe I'm the only Dwarf, and I think there is only one Elf. But, there are like 2 Nefsokar, 2 Crusader, and then one guy has Reven and Necropolis. We had one Darkspawn, with another attempting to start them. We have one gentleman who plays Freelance. Yeah, we pretty much have at least one of everything floating around. Will all of them be represented at the tournament by my people here? Probably not. I was kinda hoping everyone else would help fill in those gaps. ::D:


Wild Bill :blues:

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