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Maybe I did this wrong but I just did a search in the Boneyard and three of the Dwarves mains popped up, Thorgram, Dwarf King; Margara,Dwarf Sorceress; and Ivar, Dwarf Priest all for $0.25. :blink: Are the dwarves on their way out? OH and look what else I found in there 014120z : Dwarf Swiftaxes (3); 014130z : Snorri, Dwarf Rogue; 014136A : Thorvald: bear & dwarf; 014161z : Dwarf Crossbowmen (3); 014173z : Gargram, Dwarf Sgt; 014175z : Dwarf Shieldmaidens(3); 014191z : Dwarf Halberdiers (3); :huh:

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If they are available for $0.25, it is very likely that you are looking at a Data Card, available for purchase through the Asylum. Datacards have the same SKU as the model, but end in a 'z'


You can purchase parts of a model through the Boneyard. The SKU will be the same number as the model, followed by a letter of the alphabet.




14049 - Narg Bloodtusk - Complete Blister

14049a - Narg's Torso

14049b - Sprue with Narg's head and arms

14049z - Data Card for Narg

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