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"Convert a Familiar" contest

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Announcing a contest: CONVERT A FAMILIAR


That's right, take a familiar or several familiars, convert it, post it in this thread, and I'll judge among them. Reaper will be offering prizes to the winners.


I figure, I have so much fun at this, why not share the joy?



  • Submision deadline is midnight on April 30th, Eastern time (GMT-5).
    [Edit March 29 - Deadline changed from April 15 to April 30.]
  • A "familiar" is defined as anything labeled a "familiar" on its blister package, or is obviously a familiar. Use your common sense. I will allow the smaller Blood Imps and kobolds as well.
  • "Converting" is defined as the addition to, subtraction from, or the changing of a miniature. Adding a backpack, sculpting new ears, adding bits, headswap, etc, are all examples of conversion.
  • Reaper minis only, please.
  • The focus should be on the Familiars. Other minis may be used as "scenery", but should be part of the background.
  • I will be judging on creativity, painting, cleanliness of the conversion, and making me laugh.
  • The two categories are: Single figure (can be mounted on a USA penny), and multifigure diorama (multiple familiars, base size no larger than 2" square)
  • You can enter both categories, but only one entry per category, please.
  • This is my contest, so my judgements are final.

Examples of the sort of thing I'm looking for, from my own work:

I look forward to what your twisted imaginations can come up with.


Let's only post finished entries in this thread. Comments, discussion, questions, works in progress, etc, should go here.

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I did this in a hurry. I'm glad that I went ahead with the project which I called "Storytime in the Familiar's Lounge". I have a camera that takes dark pictures, so some of the detail is gone. There are three familiars, sitting around. The base is covered in colors that are supposed to be an Elven Carpet. The book is about dinosaurs and the picture is a plateosaurus. I have so many minis laying around that it was fun slapping a project together. I suppose I didn't do any significant conversion, more of a dinorama. But there it is, all in one weekend.

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Well, I finally finished. Had to run to the office to take some photos. But here he is Frank from Men in Black. I was poking through the familiar packs, saw the little pug and couldn't resist. Hope you like him (the sunglasses were a pain!) Hope I posted this right- PLEASE click on him the color is better!


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"Your pizza will arrive hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less or it's free!"





Mini = 002399d : Familiar: hawk

Mini was removed from it's base and reset to carry some homemade pizza boxes made from tiny chips of balsa wood secured with embroidry thread.

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After far too long of a Real Life break, I am pleased to announce the winners:


For the Multifigure Diorama, the winner is gwangi32, with "Storytime in the Familiars' Lounge":



Single figure was really hard to determine, with a couple that had me laughing out loud. I did eventually have to settle on Slidedog's "Pooch in Black":



All the entries were really good, and it's not easy to work with such small minis. Congratulations to all of you for entering, and the winners need to PM me their e-mail addresses.

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