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"Convert a Familiar" contest

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Hmm. I was going to make a picnic fairy for a little diorama I am working on, but decided the fairy made one too many figures. If I can get my husband to construct me another tiny picnic basket (can you believe it, there's no 28mm picnic supplies out there!), I'll give the poor girl some hands and a basket (already cut off her book, poor thing..) and enter her in the contest! :)



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Aaah! Four days to the deadline, but I won't have any time after tomorrow...might have to post it half-painted. The conversion's cool, regardless of paintedness.


Any chance I could post it a day late? I could finish it on Sunday after I get back from the scout trip...

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OK then, I did finish the project. I started on Friday and finished this morning. I usually take much longer but was surprised that it came out close to the idea I had in my head. My camera robs me of some of the color and darkens things up. We bought a new camera that eventually will solve these problems.


The nice thing is that I can detach the bits for upgrade at a later date. There are a couple things I would like to try with regards to the base. This was fun and I actually finished something.

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