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Pre-Made Cavernous River and Walls Set

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Manufacturing in China doesn't indicate the relative size of the company; it just means it was cheaper to produce and import a particular product from China than it was to do in the US.


Dwarven Forge is, no matter how you slice it, an elite product within a niche market. You generally don't move large numbers of units in that tiny of a market, but instead rely on a core of repeat customers. It makes perfect sense that they'd choose to maximize profit of existing sales over increasing sales (which would require faster production, something they appear to be rather slow at).


Of course, this is all armchair guesswork, really, since none of us know DF sales/profit numbers... but this is what I'd guess their rationale is. :)


On topic, yeah, I'm seriously rethinking my decision to attend GD Chicago this year just so I can afford a couple of these new sets. :P



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Good points. The only basis I have to work with is the sales at my local FLGS. DF sets were a very consistent seller probably on the order of 2-3 basic sets every couple of weeks. I know that my wife had a hard time keeping it in stock. I realize that those sales numbers may have been the exception rather than the rule for most of the country, they are/were the only store to stock it in the Denver Metro area.

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not to move this topic off topic but the net is MY freind when it comes to mini/gaming products since it's my only source for them these days.


My local card shop guy thou he does deal in cd/dvd/console games, t-shirts etc etc is where I get my WOTC stuff since he can get it due to his connection for WOTC card games. Since I've done buisness with him with those, I think alot more D&D books have been sold, which is good for him & I'm glad for it. Would love to have a local game shop, but my town wouldn't support one, we've had a semi one (it was a new age shop but they did have a full in view shelf of game products (which I helped order) many moons ago, but it died (then again alot of things have died in this town)


still the net is a great if it's really your only option. & to answer VR's question about the evil set--yes I was kinda dissapointed in that one, espically seein the other stuff that they have available, heck would love to get something even if for scenery for photos



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At Gen Con 2004, I had the privilege of sitting for about an hour with Stephan Pokorny, the owner/primary sculptor of Dwarven Forge while he worked on a cavern piece and demonstrated his techniques. Sorry if I've misspelled his name; I can't find his business card at the moment. Anyway, we talked a bit about production issues, the perils of using a type of modeling clay that never hardens (carried by hand to the mold-makers in China, where it gets destroyed), the associated costs in China vs. the U.S., etc. All of this gave me the understanding that -- like most hobby-oriented businesses -- there is very little room for error.


Short of a huge production run with wide distribution, i.e., winning the lottery and pumping it all into his business, direct marketing/web may be his niche/word-of-mouth/repeat business's next best bet. I'm sure he has researched his options and made an informed decision in going 'web only'. Heck, I'm just glad DF is still out there, making such high-quality, imaginative stuff. I can't afford it (yet) and have no one to game with (yet!) even if I had it, but still...I can dream, can't I?

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