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pics from In My Garage Con 2006


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Well, I am finally rady to share pictures from the GarageCon weekend.


I think the weekend was a great success even if the weather decided to limit the number of people that could come.


To see all sorts of pictures related come over to our new gallery area.. here:



But here are a few shots of various battles that took place. Admittedly the pictures are a little light on Battletech, cause we really only played one round of it, after that everyone tried and kinda got hooked on CAV and Warlord.


Without further ado:


From the CBT snow match




From the first CAV2 demo game (multiplayer game):




From the CAV2 city game (malvernis vs Ritterlich)




From Warlord match 1 (demo match between Reptus and proxied dwarves):




From Warlord match 2 (Necropolis vs Dwarves):






From Warlord match 3 (Reptus, Dwarves, Elves, Crusaders):







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I really like those little buildings next to the CAVs. Made them giant robots look extra impressive. I also like the rounded organic shape for the tables. It always bugs me when the edge of the table is a straight and unanatural line.

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for those that cant see the pics, give it the day and check back. It would be murphy's law that right after I got it al set up and posted, that we would have a glitch bring the thing down. But no fear, nothing is lost, just had a partner forget to pay the "electric" bill. So, as soon as we can get it squared away it will be back up.


As for battlereports. I am trying to get those from the players invovled. I played in a couple of the games and ran around taking pictures of the other games happening. So, I can give sketchy reports around but not in depth on any.


I can only say about the city CAV game between myself and Tabasco that my indirect fire abilities and initiative winning the first 4 activations led to a clear easy victory that day.

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I have yet to play a game that involves a lot of infantry. But, most every game uses vehics. I did pull out a couple of mortar teams in my city game. But, they never hit anything. Mainly my fault, I had them hold back and hide behind buildings as best as possible, hoping they could cause hidden havoc. They just never made any of their drift rolls. So, even though I was firing at injured enemies I never did anything to them with the infantry do to they couldn't handle thir potato guns to even land in the general vicinity.


Still a fun game tho, and I would use the infantry again as next time could have different results.

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just had a partner forget to pay the "electric" bill. So, as soon as we can get it squared away it will be back up.

For the record I didn't forget to pay. The account/email address never got updated by our host after I bought out the site so warning emails were never received. Thought we we paid up for another 5 months or so. We've got it paid ASAP, the account transferred and it's all good, just waiting for it to refresh on the DNS servers.

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Thanks Pat for letting me know I needed to update the link above to my sites gallery. Tis fixed.


As for throwing down. You just name the time my friend. As busy as I am, I know that you actually have the worse schedule right now with your wench pinching in the fair going on.


Only update is that the desert table is no more. My wife forced me to sacrifice a table to keep the rest. So, that was the one to go. But that is ok as it just gives me an excuse to build something even better for next year's garagecon.

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