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Well, I finally got my camera fu working enough to get pictures without having to touch up the colors and lighting levels afterward.


Here are some of my Reptus Breakers. They were really my first Reptus to paint. You will notice the slow color migration as I still havent quite been able to settle on one. But, its ok, I dont like monotony anyway. I have decided to kinda do a slightly different scheme with each class of unit.


And you get to see all the wear and tear from tabletop. I am doing much better in the multiple layers of sealant now after these guys (I had never had to use as heavy before cause I never played a game that involved as much contact or knocking them over when they die type things - CAVs and Mechs just blow up and take off the table)


Anyways, here you go a few:


started with this color








and in the end I think I kinda like this color the most




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Nice work overall. Could probably do with a bit more contrast etween shadows and highlights. With minis it's usually good to push the contrast beyond what looks right, they are so ...mini.. and all. It helps them *pop* a bit more. Nicely done and your camera fu is lookin' good!

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