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Painted Gallery Update


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Hmm, my antennae are burning.

About 4-6 hours to paint the grub IIRC, not incl puttying the base (1 hr?). One afternoon/eve at the last artists' conference anyway. Idn't he cute?

"Who is Fergie Pynes?" ... kinda like "Who is John Galt?" <shrug>

Sorry, can't type much -- I'm molting today.


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Hi all-

Sorry I'm not much more help, all I did was look through casket works for a fig that had an arm in the right pose. I know it was a Dennis Mize fig, and her other hand is holding a spear that's straight up and down... does that help?


It was a pretty quick and easy to do conversion, all I had to do was add a fold of fabric to her shoulder for green stuff.

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gotta agree with Jason on that one


can't wait!!! gettin to meet everyone was a blast last year, now I'll try & retain any knowledge I get from the con this time, ha ha


awesome guys, Derek, Jen, Anne, ah hell everyone's stuff is awesome!!! (btw love the logo on the musketeers, that is simply just too sweet)



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