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MY VERY FIRST and second MINI!


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This is the first mini I have ever done! I am quite proud of it. I htink I did pretty good!


The only problems are like her face is ugly... I need some help on eyes and lips!!! And her swords look kinda crappy. The paint is lumpyish on the weapons. I used too many layers I think cause I primered it white. then the blades I painted black over htat cause I saw someone did that before so I tried it, then I painted the silver on top of that and I think it made the paint too thick.. Next time im not going to paint the blades black first. Did I do good though????




I still have to touch it up a bit. I'm gonna try to fix her face by making her lips smaller. And highlighting her hair a little...


maybe that will help her fuglyness




Ok here's my SECOND mini! I just finnished her!








Her gauntlets look like crap and I smashed down he hand with the dagger a few times so shes holding it weird now :(


but i did highlighinting and stuff this time

you cant really tell but that highligh on her butt i did, not the light. and on her nose area on her mask. and on her dress to obviously..


i dunno if it is much better then the first one.. Well yeah her face isnt fugly. I did the eyes the way it is suggested in the craft section! and it Helped ALOT! :)


I thnk its better...

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Way to go, looks like a great start! Sounds like you're on the right track for the next one with thinner paints and such. Keep this one handy for reference, but don't overwork it trying to make it perfect. Grab the next one and charge forward.

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Best advice I can give is: Put her down and get another.


She looks really good for a 1st, and you don't want to wreck what you think is sub-par.


Plus in 6 months or a year you can pick her up and see how much you have truely improved.

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cant tell you if your paint is too thick or not, but i can tell you that it is imprtant to thin your paints to get smooth layers. Also, it is not uncommon to have 6-10 layers of paint in places to get colors and blends just right, just make sure they ar ethin and it works out.


Personally I thin kmetallics do show up better on black than on top of white.


Agreed, put this one down and pick up another. Gives you great progress points for inspiration later, seeing how far you've come.


Suggestions, dont try to master every technique at once. Maybe look to buying the Reaper painting kits and handle them one at a time. Each focus on different painting skills. By the time you finish them you will have a renewed look to moving forward with new miniatures.

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Yea.. I am going to work on the thin layering technique more. I wanted to do more highlighting but wasnt really able to do it quite yet. I did do the wash thing though and that really came out pretty nice.


I think working lots of layer will help... and I like that smooth look on minis.


and the next one i want to do in brighter colors.. They always look more impressive with brighter colors.




I can't wait to get out OF WORK!!!

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Heckuva lot better than my first mini! Good job on your first! Ditto on the thinning, it takes a little experimenting to figure out how thin is thin enough for your local climate, but once you get there you'll have those nice smooth jobs. For the silvery metallic putting down black over the white does help in that its easier to see where you've missed a spot, but if you start to use colored metallics like Reaper's Gunmetal Blue :wub: I've noticed no significant difference in what the primer color is.


If you're going to work layering highlights, what I like to do is take my desklamp and put it right over the mini where I want the light source to be to see where the light falls naturally and use that decide where to put highlights. Some folks will take a picure of this and use it as a reference when they're painting. Read through the posts in the painting advice forum, it has tons of tips on ways to improve.


Again, good job on your first mini! Welcome to the addiction!



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I agree with the others: a good first mini.


I do suggest painting the top of the base a solid brown/earth color before you put stuff on top. Looks like some primer is showing through around the edges of the base.


Echoing what some of the others said, and from one beginner to another, call this one done, pick up another mini, and just enjoy painting. :)



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Excellent first mini. Dont change a thing. what you need to do now is put her up on a shelf and start painting others. Then in six months or so get a second one of this piece and paint her up again with the same color choices and see how much you have improved. And NEVER strip your first mini!!!! keep it so it can bring back fond memories of when you just started ::D:::D:

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