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This was my spring break project. Well, actually, it took me about two weeks (around 12 hours total, spread out of course, I got kids! :lol: )




I've been thinking of a way to make a modular system, as well as a good way to make a good dungeon system for DnD, while role-playing that is. I made six 1'x1' floor tiles, and several wall sections. I figured this would give me enough to start off with. I was thinking of gluing some wall down, but now I don't know.




I used 3/4" polystyrene insulation (if anybody knows where to get 2" thick blue polystyrene in Dallas/Ft.Worth, let me know please). The walls are "two-ply", that is 1.5" wide, with 1/4" butressing making them two inches wide (the squares on the "tops" of the walls are 2"x2"). The floor grid is 1" squares. I wanted to go for that megalithic look! I sponge-painted everything, with a brown, tan, & parchment triad (on top of a black prime), with a little dab of green for color. I had my wife and two oldest kids help paint the floor tiles (I used it as a group-bonding-project.) It was lots of fun, we had a blast, and it took all of 30 minutes. I could probably turn my daughters into a regular child labor factory! :poke:

Materials ran about $25 (polystyrene, two big tubes of paint, sponges, foam paint brushes).


Now don't kill me, here is my plug for Reaper pre-painted minis...




This is my some of my poor Reptus, notice the lack of paint! Personally, with my lack of time, I would rather make terrain than paint minis (dodges flying objects!) Just my .02.


Here's some more stuff!


Questions, criticisms, and comments welcome!



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that's awesome. If you let me come over I'll bring lizards with paint and we can have play time!!!!! ::D:::D:::D:


I really like that. Can you move the wall pieces? That would be really slick, if the walls came off and could be moved around.




My Pa likes to make terrain more than minis too. Personnally I don't mind, I always have somethin cool to move my armies around on.

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All of your home stores (Lowes, Home Despot) should have the 2 inch foam available either in store directly or through their contractor support desk (usually located near the lumber section). If they balk at that, Ace Hardware will be able to supply it for you - especially Ace Home Centers. Ace is generally a more helpful place in terms of customer care and relations. Let them know what you are after and they will get it or at least tell you where you can get it locally (most are on the smaller side of things though so they don't always keep it in stock).


Looks pretty good though. I would probably go for more variation in things though. Maybe some special tiles which have water features (sewers perhaps). The precise nature of the grid is a bit distracting as well. It comes in useful when used for gaming...but at the same time a ruler is a good thing too (and a flexible ruler is even better).

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This looks awesome. Keep the walls free, and add some more things (like Mr Joe Kutz suggests) like pedestals, fountains, combat pits....... for some inspiration, go to discounthobby.com and look at grendelcat1 and grendelcat2 (down a little way in the right hand column). They have this old range of resin terrain, all sorts of doodads and whatsits for tricking out dungeons.

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I like the idea of modular terrain. I've got some myself... I'm not sure about the tile/grid - kinda takes away the loose feel of warlord and brings to mind the more rigid D&D Minis. Just keep reminding yourself, "I don't have to be in a square."

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Or trade terrain for painting? It could happen.


You bet it could! I dont have much work space for making large terrain pieces. I would paint minis in exchange for well made modular terrain pieces- heck you could send them unpainted. PM me if you want to talk terms. ::D:

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Thanks for the praise, I really appreciate it! ::):




Bring the minis, and I’ll supply the terrain, food, and beverage! Ha-Ha! :lol:


Joe Kutz


I’m telling ya’, if you ask for 2” foam here in Texas, they look at you like you just stepped off the mothership-ramp. :blink: I even contacted a company that supplies insulation products to contractors, and they said they didn’t carry it, and didn’t know of anyone around that carries it. I was thinking of striking a deal with somebody from up north to just send a box-full via UPS.




Yeah, I was thinking a fountain/well would be a great objective. I can go with above or below ground with my theme. I might build some jungle stuff; my niece just got married and my wife & mother-in-law did all the flower arrangements, so now I got some free jungle supplies! I could make the ruined jungle complex-thing. Thanks for the site, I really liked the rolly-smashy trap, that gave me some new ideas. :devil: Some of that Mega Miniatures stuff is pretty cool too. I saw a floor globe the other day I want.




Alas, I’ve gone down the dark path; I’ve been playing Star Wars & DnD minis with the kids (dodges more flying objects!)

I prefer the way of the ruler myself, but since 3.0 DnD, it’s almost impossible not to play on a grid.


Evilbob, Rastl Deeperdown, & Kormydigar


Thanks for the offers/ideas, but the same lack of time affects mini painting and terrain building (I’m doing the school thing/married thing/family thing!) I probably will have some free time this summer to catch up on some painting. :rolleyes:




It was these same unpainted Reptus that I didn’t bring to your Garage Con. Again, lack of time. Getting older stinks sometimes, Hee-Hee! ::D:


Here are the walls rearranged into a couple of rooms.






Thanks again! Later!

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Nicely done. Very nicely done, indeed. I love your color choice--at first glance I thought it was meant to be outdoors, then decided it had a definite "dungeon" flavor to it, and finally just accepted it could fit easily and brilliantly into either.


Thanks for sharing.



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