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Oh Hail Oh Hail Oh Infantry!


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Did some assembly line work on some infantry today. Bases aren't done yet, but I'll just be doing them the same as my other Rach units. Speaking of bases, note to self for next blister of infantry, paint then base. Their feet are lost in the ballast. These aren't the prettiest or most well painted minis I've ever done, but at least they're pigmented. Didn't help that my the handle of my prized size 0 kolinsky started to separate from the metal bit (it's late, I can't remember what it's really called) that holds the bristles. On the up side, gives me an excuse to see if the local Hobby Lobby carries any W&N series 7 or Loew-Cornell kolinskies.


Thanks to the folks that offered advice on painting these little buggers.


Single stand



The Platoon (they're mechanized)



At Close Interval, Dress Right Dress!


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Wow, those little buggers are small. More, more, more. Only 8,000 points to go...

Yes they are. Fortunately following some advice they painted up fairly quickly. Spent about 5 hours (including smoke breaks, dinner break, put the kids to bed break, keep the 2 year old from eating the paint breaks) on all six of them.


Actually there's a less than 8000 to go. I have some Kharls and badgers painted (one of each received in last fall's mini exchange from Humansquish) and a couple CAVs that were already painted beforehand that served as the color scheme experiments. I was kind of dreading painting these guys as they are the smallest figs I've painted to date. I don't forsee myself getting into painting 6mm figs anytime soon.

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The bases are going to get the same "desert gravel" approach I've done on my other Rach models, just a wash, mid, and drybrush of a mix of craft paint tans and dark brown (the dark brown varies, usually whichever one I grab first from my paint drawer).


The brown color on the uniform is MSP Leather Brown, the red is MSP Bright Red, The face masks are Apple Barrel Midnight Blue, the visors are Appel Barrel Hunter Green, hands are MSP Tanned skin, and the rifles are MSP Gunmetal Blue :wub:, and finally all was liberally washed with diluted MSP Brown Liner. I tend to mix my washes so that they are somewhere between a glaze and a wash, by making it more like a glaze it really adds a richness to the colors, and then I go back over the recesses to darken them more. Think I'm going to have to go back and do a little dark lining though. Gotta order a new brush though.

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