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Weapon Conversion

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This is the 1st weapon conversion I have ever done.

I have to say I am pretty dern proud of it.


This is my halfling for our upcoming D&D game.






And now for the Conversion pics:






I removed the bow and dagger as much as I could with snips, and took bits off of the quiver while I was at it.


Then being a jeweler came in handy...

Went out to the shop and got my dremel, flex shaft and foot pedel (mmm controling the speed), and a ton of burs and such and went to work.






I started with a large-ish (maybe 1.5mm) round bur and then cleaned up with a engraving bur and a pumice wheel.


I also drilled the hand and opened it up to put the new weapon in it (but didn't take a pic oops)


Then out came the glue...

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To start--- the back:


And a close up:




And the front:

Close up 1st



And now the whole shebang:




And now all primed and ready for paint:





Milo is a halfling fighter with monkey grip and a medium Great Sword. So yes normall Milo will have this in both hands...but you try finding a halfling wielding something with both hands to mod...



And yes thats a frying pan. :wow:


And then I painted Milo up...








ANd the sand under the grass I got from Rastl...In the rock exchange...

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Nice conversion. Is your halfling overcompensating a bit wiht his weapon of choice?


No SHE is not...

I just wanted to go for a funky concept...


Gotta remember that only those of who have had the pleasure of hanging out with you while watching questionable things on TV know that Bob isn't your name nor indicative of your Gender.


Very very very amusing Halfling!!


Mad Pat

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