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Hill Giant

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Ok, so silly me got my son a Hill Giant. I did this without looking at the data card first.



Now I have to face this MAV 8, DV 12 on the game table. Needless to say he is going to take up some serious resources to stop. Oh, did I mention Swing Through and Tough/5?


Anyone face this monstrosity yet and live to talk about it?


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It's all about timing. He may be DV 12, but a well-executed charge that gets five or six warriors onto his base, maybe two of them on the rear, can do an awful lot of damage.


And tough/5 doesn't do a thing for him if you manage a coup de grace while he's down...

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Once you drop him a track or two, he's just a big heavy hitting grunt. For some reason though, he is immune to elven arrows, right Darthiir :lol: Though once he got mobbed by Vale warriors they cut him down. You need support to tear him down. Storminator hosed him in one game with a miracle double 10 on a pair of Defensive Strikes - Overlord Spearmen - Broken. Sure the big boy took some more models with him, but not 270 points worth. He was cut down the next turn because his DV was lower and I couldn't activate my Cleric in time.


Of course, needing the support to tear him down, also means you put your models at risk for Defensive Strikes with Swing Through. Try not to group too many models on the same side.


The other thing to consider. Slow the big boy down by any means possible, and take away the Giant's support troop. Specifically, target the Clerics that will be healing him to keep him in the game. It's pretty much the only use Gonda has, and he does it well. :devil: Once the Clerics are gone - and killing Gonda is REALLY easy - you can start whittling away at the big boy.


A 12 DV on first track is not impossible to hit. I wouldn't focus all your ranged attacks on him, but putting a couple, just on the chance of a lucky 10 never hurts. Even if it's just one archer with Marksmen taking a pot shot or a pair of other archers.

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His MD is only about 12 so you sohuld try a shard on him first. Even then, he drops slowly only going down 1 point of DV I think. But at 11DV, there are lots of archers who hit him on 9+ and it only takes about one more hit to make him very hittable. You need to make sure to take out his support system which is likely Ombur or Kiakara...


The Hill giant is a great illustration of when it is a good idea to pack Cure instead of five bandages. If the Giant has taken three hits, a bandage leaves him still very hittable where a cure puts him on his 11DV track and in pretty solid shape. Of course a pair of clerics can do it as well, but isn't the second cleric going to be casting Speed or Quick Strike?

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I've fought this puppy several times and survived. He is, I will say now, not nearly as scary as Khong-To.


Shoot him with arrows every chance you get, lucky hits will waste your opponent's healing spells.


Have your best caster (I use Fatima, with CP 8 she's almost guaranteed success) drop a Hold on him, then mob with about 6 grunts. 2 MAV + 5 Support + 1 Hold Bonus = +8 attacks, you will find it hard not to cripple him at the very least.

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