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:unsure: Alright, I posted this topic in the show off fourm as well but I need help with my pics, Whenever I take them they wind up blurry with alot of glare, I am useing a Kodak EasyShare CX7300 digi and the pics come out like the ones in the reply to this post(because I accedantly submitted this before i typed anything and i cant add pics on the edit...), what should I do?
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Hi Lilly, did the link to the photo class .pdf help you out? I just got a digital camera myself for the express purpose of sharing with people here, so I'm just starting out photography-wise as well.


Describe what you are having a hard time with in a little more detail? Oh...now you did!


Mind you, probably everone else on the boards has more photography experience than I do, but I took a few pics last night so its fresh in my memory. It sounds like your lighting is the problem. Make sure you turn off your camera's flash, and just use a constant light source to light your mini. Also as Flynn just brought up, make sure you have the Macro function on. That was what was killing me, as I wasn't able to focus properly. <sigh> I had to read the manual.


I found this article to be pretty helpful as well: http://www.coolminiornot.com/article/aid/12

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I'm not to sure, I havent really taken the time to read it yet :blush: but I'm sure it will help, ummm, I feel kinda dumb because I cant find were to post a pic now, I swear I saw it when I was makeing the origional post but now it like...dissapeared.... :wacko:


What is your lighting setup like? Do you use a flash, or just regular lights?


Are you using a tripod?


Any idea on whether you are using macro mode or not?



I;'m useing a flash, and I also try regular light, nothing works :unsure: and as far as I know, this carmera doesnt have a macro mode, my bf and i lost the booklet for it and all i can find on the setup is the flash settings, I dont know much about digis, I'm used to my big bulky minolta with my zoom lenses and stuff...


I've tried turning the flash off, they come out a little better, but we're looking for the manual to find out if it has macro, it should...I hope..... :down:

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The macro function looked like a little tulip on my camera. Hopefully you can find it, that should help you quite a bit. That and turning off the flash ::): Thank gosh for digital, or I would have wasted a lot of film already. The flash will put glare on the mini or wash out the colors, etc. If you can't shut it off, try putting something over it that will diffuse the light, like a white shirt maybe.

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I checked the manual on the Kodak site and there's no mention of macro function there either. Avoid using the digital zoom as that will also make your pics blurrier.


As for the disappearing File Attachment thingie, you probably saw it in the Show Off section. They have it there and a few other sections but not in this one. Though, if you have somewhere that you can post it online, you can link to it with the picture icon in the reply window. That will allow you to post a pic here.

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Online manual/tutorial for using the Kodak Easyshare CX7300 camera


That link might help more than anything. From what I can tell, your particular model does not come with macro function, but there is a way to get around that.


You already got some good advice about lighting, and you really should get a tripod if you do not already have one. A tabletop tripod (12" tall) will run you around ten bucks, and a floor-model adjustable tripod can be picked up for as low as $25 if you check your discount stores first.


Next, get a good photo editing software. I have Adobe Photoshop, but there are cheaper almost-as-good programs out there such as Gimp that can do what you need to do such as crop, adjust the contrast and soforth.


Set your picture-quality to the three-star "best" high resolution setting. The file will be huge on your computer, but you will end up cropping alot of it away. Then set your camera up about 30 inches away from your mini. According to the Kodak website your model's focus range is from 2.6' minimum to infinity. That means anything closer than 2.6 feet will be too close and come out blurry.


Use the digital zoom to zoom in on the mini as much as possible. You want your mini to fill up as much of the viewfinder as possible so that you will end up with a good clear close-up photo.


Use the Self-Timer mode to keep from accidentally shaking the camera as you press the shutter button.


Also, get familiar with your camera's settings menus. Keep notes on what your Exposure Compensation is set at. Lowering exposure might help remove some of that glare as well as some blurring.


Once you have made a successful photo, download it to your PC and use a photo editing program to resize and crop. A good internet-viewable photo should generally be no larger than 640X480 pixels and ideally under 2 MP in filesize. Starting with a large high-resolution file from your camera, you should be able to crop away so that your mini fills the enitre picture without suffering any distortion or grainyness (pixilation) that normally might occur when you enlarge a small section of an image.


Oh..and when it's time to store your image online, I highly recommend a free service called ImageShack.com .

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Don't know the camera, but if you can adjust your aperature or exposure time:


Set aperature to the highest (smallest hole) number possible.


Set exposure time to the longest possible (I generally shoot at 1/4 or 1/8 second)


Leaving the rest in automatic and doing one of these will increase your depth of field and minimize focus problems.


If you can adjust your metering to center only, do so. That way the background (generally light) will not affect the exposure and cause a dark mini.


one of these photo diffusion boxes is very helpful:




I built my first one with a window sheer and some scrap.

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