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Fallen elf skin

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The fluff of the Darkspawn has corrupted elves having marble like skin the veins showing against pale skin. This is my attemp at it and wanted to get feedback before I tried it on the Witch Queen. I still have to go over the veins to make them look under the skin, and I know about the blotch on the cheek I need to fix. What do you guys think? Any ideas to make it look better?



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might want to find a how to do marble tut somewhere on the net. I know I've seen out there


nice start thou, thou when I first seen it I thought it was markings or warpaint thou, might want to thin down the lines a tad bit & such, but still a nice start to an interesting take.



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Go much finer with the veining - much smaller than most brushes will go.


Not a problem though, since there are a number of different ways you can get a really fine veining, without trying to paint each one by hand. With normal faux finishes, you tend to use a feather. The standard way of doing it will not work too well with minis (still much too large), however the feather will still work.


Base coat with a skin color slightly darker than what you want to use for the skin.


Use a feather or similiar very fine (20/0 brush maybe) to add a netted pattern of veins.


Apply a glaze which is slightly lighter in tone than the base coat.


Shade and highlight as per normal, taking care not to over power the underlying vein structure.

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If you need a very fine feather, and you don't have a cockatiel, check your local pet store who might have them. Their crest feathers are actually nearly mini-sized (I save some of the old ones that fall out for use on minis for effect). They could be very useful in doing the marble veining feather technique.

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