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CAV: 7055 Mitso-Ta Archer

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Started this paint scheme as a lark a few years back... and I'm almost done with this Archer. Calling Pat - Mad Pat... whaddya think, is it working out okee? Not the greatest paint job... but not too bad either...


So... is it time to stoke the fires and get folks painting up more CAV?!!!




All suggestions, comments, etc. welcome!!

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Cool scheme. I'm not entirely sure I could pull off a straight line down the center like that. Hands have been shaking lately. Good lining and the whites are excellent. Only thing I'd have done different is used Gunmetal Blue (:wub:) on the barrels. That's probably just because I'm obsessed with that color. Oh, and where's the star, you know, Lone Star state and all.

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