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Gack, so I had my flash set a lil high, and the colors are a tad blown out. Plus it's time to clean the CCD again. :D


Anyways, here's Ansel. Killin' Zombies is a messy business! He's gorey after a long night of work, and the job still isn't done. The metallics really got blown out with my flash. They're all shaded.




When I bought the Priest, his pose looked like he was looking down on people as he smashed the urn. But on a simple base, the POV is all wrong. So I put him on a ruined egyptian block from my hirst arts mold.



And last but not least, the sister superior and her little retain from the Templars line. I noticed the spot on his eyebrow. Sometimes I hate cameras. :)



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Ansel's metallics look great, and I especially like the eyes on the sister. I'm guestimating it will take me about 7,563 years to get my eyes look half as good as most of the stuff I've seen on this forum. Ah well, ever onward... :)



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