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Least favourite Veg

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Mmmmmm Broccoli! :wub:

Gimme! :lol:


It's especially good when mixed with Turkey Italian sausage, cheese sauce and pasta in a pasta bake. Don't forget to add the garlic and onions in there! :wub:


Substitute the yuckoli with spinach and I'll take it.

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Cooked spinach. Have tried to eat it many times and there is just no way its happening. Although I love spinach in salad.
Same here. It is a good hardy green leaf, that becomes inedible slime when cooked.


Canned vegetables don’t thrill me much either. Corn and beats are passable, the rest are foul.


I like turnips boiled into a pot of homemade vegtable beef soup.

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Okay, technically it's not a vegetable, but I hate tomatoes. I will eat tomato soup, and tomato sauce on pasta or pizza, but I can't stand the whole fruit, either cooked or raw. My fiancee is the same way. We always have to ask that our meals be served sans tomatoes in restaurants.


I'm very particular about whether my veggies are fresh, canned or frozen. I've always preferred canned green beans to frozen or fresh. Same for peas. I will eat cooked spinach, cauliflower or carrots but would rather have them fresh.


My fiancee, OTOH, thinks fresh cauliflower is the most disgusting veg ever. Go figure.

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Sorry for the shouting, but that's the way I always utter that particular phrase. Well, not entirely true, there is usually a lot of swearing involved, too. But I do not like that loathsome, spear-like vegetable, with its stringiness and chewiness and awfultasting...ness.

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Broad Beans. No, technically not a vegetable, but hey, what is?



Actually anything can be vegetable as long as it comes from a plant, that is the only actual meaning of the word. Botanically everything else is pretty much some type of herb, fruit, seed or nut. The vast majority of all vegetables are fruit.


Probably one of the most amusing botanical classifications is that bananas are herbs.


I assume the reason people know tomatoes are fruit is because they belong to the type of fruit subgroup called true berries. This is one of the groups that actually has a large body of developmental research done on it. (Very large, and a pain to try and fit together into something approaching cohesive. Every paper seems to be about one blasted gene and one gene only, or one pathway and one pathway only. No one ever mentions how they may fit together. ugh.)


Canned spinach is fine in spinach pies or cooked spinach dips.

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