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GW Wardancer Lord

Whizard Hlavaz

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Hey, Kids.


I know it's not a Reaper, but I thought I'd put this out there as it's going to a good cause here shortly.


I painted this figure for the Works of Heart hurricane relief project (found HERE). I'm late on delivering (no surprise) but maybe she'll help do some good. I imagine folks still need help. At any rate, she'll be going up on Ebay before too long. I'll stop in and let you crazy collectors know when if permissible (I don't know -- what's the rule here about charity auctions? Can I plug one when the time comes?)


Anyhow... Here she is.




Please feel free to comment/critique/what-have-you.


Larger pics will be on the DarkVine site here shortly.


Thanks for looking.




Oh, and the votey thing can be done HERE if you'd like. Thanks.

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One thing that I have loved about this forum from the start, is no one here seems to care where your mini comes from. All they seem to care about is letting you know how you are doing as a painter, and that is exactly why I continue to post here.


Your painting skills are awesome, but I am sure that I have said that before. Nice pallette of colors, which is tough with the WE since they all tend to be browns, greens, and other earthy tones. The skin looks amazing, the hair is really nicely done (I love mini's with that braided look), and, well, I could just end this by saying, simply, WOW.

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Threadus Resurrectus...




A little thread necromancy here to bring you some news as promised.


This fig has gone live for auction on Ebay for those who may be interested. I'm pretty sure pimping auctions is against the rules here, but as it's not for my profit and for a good cause, I'm hoping the mods (and you folks) will forgive the transgression.


Anyhow... have at it: Wardancer Lord on Ebay

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