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Okay, i admit it, i started this thread because i wanted the attention. The mini for your own player character can never be too perfect. there are other threads for talking about general holes in the reaper product line. Instead of talking about that, i want to encourage everyone to describe (in _loving_ detail) just what makes your PC _your_ PC. Since i have two pc's i'll describe them both & then sit back and pray for reaper to produce them...


1. A human man, wearing hoplite-type armor (smooth breastplate, bare arms, studded leather skirt of many separate hanging leather strip thingies - whatever they're called), studded leather greaves - vambraces on forearms are optional), with a flamberge bastard sword in in one hand & the other holding a short sword - or with the short sword in scabard on reserve & the off-hand empty (or even holding a potion, he loves his potions). He's young-looking (thanks to those elixirs of youth!) with short hair. He's got two belt pouches on his waist & a dagger in a thigh sheath with the point up towards his waist (possibly partly covered by armor skirt, depending on how it's hanging). He doesn't look friendly, but he's not menacing-evil either, just deadly serious. Hands are bare - no gauntlets or gloves. Really, he looks an awful lot like the male rogue (Dirk?) that reaper did recently, & i'm using that mini for him now, but that will never be his armor, his weapons are too small & bleep if that face doesn't look friendly.  :angry:


2. a wood-elf woman in scale mail (short sleeves, scale skirt over the upper thighs, no lower leg armor), butch hair cut (who wants to tangle her hair in the blackberries?), amulet with wavy holy symbol around neck. She's also got 2 belt pouches, over-the knee (almost thigh-high) boots, a small knife in a fore-arm sheath. She wears gauntlets. In her left hand she wields a spear, her right hand is empty, but crackling with many small lightning-bolts. The spear head also crackles with lightning rarely, so that could be there or not, as long as the empty hand is electrified. She is running towards her opponent (she's _always_ running). A composite long bow & boxy quiver (with same holy symbol) are slung over her back. Her face is gleeful with anticipated victory (i've never had a luckier character!).  :D


I would honestly pay reaper $100 each & leave them with all the rights to mass produce them if they would make these minis & give me one. Heck, i'd probably pay them $500, but don't tell them that, they wouldn't take the $100 offer seriously....  :;):

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The original Hypnotoad is a Futurama reference. Picture a toad of Small Dog size, and it's irises wiggled up and down while the foley work was that of an Arc Welder. I'll take the Toad mini from the Familiar pack, green stuff larger eyes on it, and paint it up.


Should do well.



--Hypnotoads AWAAAAYY!!!



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With our overly ecclectic group of misanthropes, wierdos, and truly brilliant evil geniuses, we have one helluva time finding just the right mini to fit the character. My solution is to have them look at the minis (catalog or online), find one that just grabs them and makes them say "Hello, what's YOUR story?", then get said mini and have me paint it for them! We get some truly inspired back stories from this! Try it! *Borrows Storm's Hypnotoad* Yoooooou muuuuuuust oooooobeeeey!



On another note, I have a wicked idea for a heavily armored warrior that screams "SCULPT ME NOW, Herr Klocke!"

The armor is not convoluted or carved much, like the armor on Mangu Timur, but for the breastplate and shoulder pauldrons there is some detailing: a huge dragon flanked by 2 dire wolves, facing each direction, as the dragon faces forward. This is on both shoulders AND the plastron. Also, the helmet is in the shape of a wolf's head, but metal, and covers the face totally. He bears in his right hand a greatsword of the flamberge variety (different from the one Sandy put on that Black Legionairre) which I designed myself after reading several historical works on swords one day at the library. On his back would be a cloak fashioned from the pelt of a great Dire Wolf, and in the mouth of said wolf's head is the scabbard for the sword in his hand. On his left hip is a smaller, bastard sword, similar to the great sword in hilt detail.  At his right hip is a club @ 12" long (actually a really funky magical 2-bladed sword with the same effect as the double lightsabre from Star Wars Episode 1), and slung across his back, like a rifle, with muzzle pointing down and right, buttstock high left, is a clockwork crossbow like the one in Dracula 2000. On each shoulder pauldron and on the back of the neck, standing slightly taller than the helmet's ears, are 5 spikes, curved like fangs, that protect the head (2 per shoulder, 1 behind neck).

So, whattaya think? Thus begins the design for Graf Karl Wolfgang Eisenherz von drachensberg, aka, Lord Ironheart.


 If it helps, I'd be more than willing to paint stuff for Reaper to pay for the sculpting of said mini. I DO earn my keep, after all!

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OOPSES! Methinks I posted the description in the wrong topic! GACK! Sleep dep SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry folks!

No! No! this is the one thread created for describing your desired PC miniature.


Dream on! Describe on!


What other characters have never (yet) quite been adequately captured by a sculptor? Say on, good folk! Say on!



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Oh! The one I was really happy with was 2326:




I had a bossy, spear-wielding amazon named "Breetana of the Spear". How perfect a figure can you get?


PS: Yes... I was making a direct Britney Spears reference just to annoy the other players. After a kill she tends to scream "Heee-ya!!! I've done it again!"

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