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What's been keeping you from painting?


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Discovering an inch of water around the spare tire in my car's trunk - that's what's keeping me from painting. :grr:


Car repair place wants the car at least a full day to fix/test it - going to RCon in a rental car (gotta love unlimited miles ::D: )

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What has been keeping me from painting.


Well we are getting our house remodeled (been a nightmare so far).


My father was put in the hospital for vascular thrombosis in his reamining leg.. had to have a vein transplant.. and because of his Diabetes he might loose it now due to an infection that set in after surgery. They are still trying to save his remaining leg. :(


So all in all the last month, hell even this year has been a hellacious one thus far!


I am looking forward to a break.. one where we can sell our house and get a new one in Minnesota so I will not have to travel so far for the medical emergencies in my family of late. Not to mention not HAVEING the EMRGENCIES. :)


I hold out hope the year will start to look up and no more emrgencies :)



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Update (bumping an old thread)



Found a "new" house

Prepped & sold current house. Two months of evenings/weekends, sold it in two weeks. Woohoo!

Worked out some repair issues on the new house




Running errands



Closing on new house tomorrow

Painting most of new house the rest of this week

Moving this weekend

Cleaning, touch-up paint & repairs on soon-to-be-old house next week

Closing on selling the old house next week

Moving more "stuff" next weekend

Organizing and settling in (I get a new 'office/hobby/game room'!)

Yard sale/eBay

GenCon -- see you there? Maybe I'll get to paint a little, there. Hey, it could happen! Stop smirking!

Building (Frankensteining) a faster computer


See ya' on the other side!

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