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Volley - AoE/Cover


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We had an odd situation on a Volley that I wasn't 100% sure how to resolve. Archers are sitting on a level 2 hill. A Volley was attempted against a troop partially behind full cover (level 4 or 5). No Blazer unit was present. Targets 4 & 5 were clearly visible to the right 3 archers, but not the leftmost 2. Where is the center of the Volley allowed to be positioned and which targets could legally be effected?









2 3 4 5



A - archer

= - (cover)

1-5 - Target

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The center of the volley must be positioned within line of sight of all members of the formation making the volley attack unless one has the Blazer SA, in which case only that model must have LOS to the centerpoint.


All targets within the area of effect are equally affected; the volley attack comes down from above so no cover is applicable.

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Cover and LOS issues are honestly the single most confusing and frustrating part of this game. :blink:


That's true of any miniatures game. There are simply too many types of terrain possible for any rules set to cover all situations.


In case of doubt, get down to eye-level and look. Worse comes to worse, roll a die. We're all polite, courteous players, right?

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Worse comes to worse, roll a die. We're all polite, courteous players, right?

There is a valid case for both sides of the issue so I think I had the players rolled off on the solution.



If you can target the literal edge of LOS not blocked by cover as the center, then the outer edge of the circle can get those minis behind cover and get an version of indirect volley without a Blazer.


If you are forced to target the entire attack against what is in LOS, then it's abnormal to target the volley 2"+ from your target hoping that some of your rain of arrows hit the guys on the fringe.

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