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So, yeah, this is an OLD paint job (in fact, IIRC the first time I used Pro Paints - Frosch's Blood Red, on the cape).


Since it does happen to be a Warlord mini, I figured I would finish it up finally (and maybe even post it at WarlordHQ). I had planned to do a continuation of the skull motiff on the base, but I'm not *that* motivated now.





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I have never been a fan of skull piles with the fig on them. It's kind of like standing on a pile of baseballs. I this was a picture then the next frame would be him on the ground because he fell.


Ok now for the helping part. I you want to keep the bone motif going I would base the ground with green stuff and try and add different kinds of bone, rib cage or arms you ge the idea.

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I agree with dargrin. I am thinking about buying a unit of GW plastic skellies just to have a plethora of bone parts for this kind of stuff.

(Jeffe...would you say that I have a plethora of pinatas?


Yes el Juapo...


Jeffe, are you the kind of man, who would tell another man he has a plethora, when you don't even know what a plethora is?


Is it possible, el Juapo, that you are mad at something else and are just takeing it out on poor effe again?)

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On mine I just filled the slot gap and painted in some stonework in hopes it would look like a pile of bones in a dungeon or something. It turned out pretty good.


"Hey Malek! Stop foolin on that pile of skulls. Get over here and fireball these elves will you!"

- Judas B.

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