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Ladystorm is right - I only add models to the ReaperGames downloadable Data Card feature *after* the model has been painted. The Chai Uut (Reptus) and Rauthuros (Darkspawn) models are not there precisely becuase we have no painted versions of them yet.


As for why are the other models there that aren't released yet? If I'm able to stay on top of the workload, then a models Data Card appears approximately 2 weeks before it goes on sale - coincidentally the same amount of time it takes us to manufacture, package and ship the part through distribution into retail stores! What does the subtext of that mean? It means that expect the pirate models Wildbill mentions to be in stores in ~2 weeks.

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What is the significance of the size/orientation of the cards in the downloads?


Some are smaller.


Some are turned sideways. (generally the last card?)


I thought it was against the law and company policy to ask for size and orientation? :huh:


Ok, I know, it was a bad attempt at humor. :upside:

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