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Elf Ranger

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I think its the sculpt rather than the painting, but the face in the first picture just looks...odd. Everything else looks good, but I'd suggest bringing up the highlights one more stage pretty much all over.


Each mini you're posting is better than the last. Keep it up!

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First I'm going to ask: Is the texture that is showing (on the lower part of the cloak, especially) from the mini or your primer? If primer, what are you using?


I'll venture to guess that the mentioned highlights are, as my thoughts, called for the most on the cloak, but the flesh wouldn't suffer if more were added.


Also, if you haven't heard it yet, you will eventually, and repeatedly (most of us got it ALOT) try thinning your paints a bit (more?), it will help you get smoother results in blends and highlights especially. The border on the cloak looks nice, but I think it would benefit from less distinct brush strokes showing, and the thinning helps greatly with this.


I love your color selection (again), and the base is great, it really fits the mini.


Lookin' good!

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No the cloak none of the primer is showing on my minies except the baces (sometimes) that is just the effect of the lighting and my poor skilles at photagrophy.


Damit jim! I'm a painter not a photographer!


I think what they where asking is (for example) the bumps on the lower portion of the cloak. Are thes from the primer you are using, or are they from your paint chunking up, or perhaps a speck of flock or some other debris that got stuck on...or God forbid, a flaw in the casting.


Outside that, your eyes on this guy are wicked cool, and I like the work you have been doing on gemstones.


Keep it up!

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